Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Wonder Woman cosplayer fights for rights of children with disabilities (exclusive interview, part 1 of 3)

I have a new cosplay crush — and it's Victoria Ikerd from southern California.

Victoria Ikerd is the real deal. Not only is she a 6-foot tall Wonder Woman
cosplayer, but as an attorney, she says she fights "for all experiencing injustice
who can't fight for themselves."
And it's not just because she's gorgeous or even that her Wonder Woman cosplay looks like she stepped right out of the comic books.

I've been hooked on following Ikerd on social media (her professional Facebook page is "Wonder Woman Is real") because as I say about my original cosplay crush, Viva WW Cosplay, Ikerd does it right -- and for the right reasons.

Like Viva, Ikerd rocks her Wonder Woman costumes at countless conventions. But here's the extremely cool part: Ikerd — as she describes herself on Instagram — is an "attorney4kids with disabilities." As I say, that's #cosplaydoneright! Wonder Woman is real indeed!

Learn about this 6-foot tall model who as an attorney, fights for the rights of children with disabilities in court, in the first part of this exclusive interview with Cary's Comics Craze:

CARY'S COMICS CRAZE: How did you get interested in comic books and the geek culture/lifestyle?

Ikerd: I have always been a geek. My favorite forms of entertainment revolve around comic heroes, sci-fi, art and war/battles in that I love historic storylines and fantasy stories that have a created history like "Star Trek" or "Game of Thrones."

Model Victoria Ikerd is a dead-ringer for Lynda Carter in this photo.
CCC: Are there particular people who made an impact on as you a fan? What specific experiences — films, TV shows and/or comic book projects — had or continue to have an influence on you?

Ikerd: Well, I have always loved and adored Lynda Carter and I have had huge life impact experiences with superhero stories as an inspiration when things get tough like when I am in the courtroom now fighting for a child I can get inspired to be their warrior in full armor as I reflect on my cosplay. For me who I am and what I cosplay has often blurred lines.

EDITOR'S NOTE: In the third and final part of my exclusive interview with Viva WW Cosplay, the Las Vegas-based cosplay shares how Carter's TV "Wonder Woman" hooked her into being a fan.

CCC: Talk about your passion for being an attorney for children with disabilities. Why have you decided to focus on this while practicing law? Why is it important to you? 

Ikerd: Because I had my children very young in life and with it they were both diagnosed with autism. So as I was fighting for their future and their needs to gain the ability to even the simplest of things like learning to speak or read.

Wonder Woman Is real (Victoria Ikerd. on the right) poses with
fellow cosplayer @badbunneez (as she's known on Instagram).
Each thing my children do today, every task, had to be taught to them step by step, so they require a team of people and therapies they were not getting but desperately needed. So I fought for them but was so ill-equipped that I decided to go to law school to fight for my own kids, yet I realized I could not just fight for my own personal injustice, but I must fight for all of those experiencing injustice who cannot fight for themselves. And I have taken that to the legislative level as well as well as (the) judicial.

Come back for more from Victoria Ikerd (aka Wonder Woman Is real). In the next installment, she shares why she chose cosplay as the best way to express yourself and some thoughts on casting Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman.

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