Thursday, July 20, 2017

Wonder Woman cosplayer channels her inner 'warrior' (exclusive interview, part 2 of 3)

Welcome back! This is the second part of the Cary's Comics Craze exclusive interview with attorney Victoria Ikerd, who in Part 1 says she fights "for all experiencing injustice who can't fight for themselves."

In this second installment, the model and cosplayer known as "Wonder Woman Is real" says her clients call her "their real Wonder Woman" as their attorney. Ikerd also shares her thoughts on Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman -- and meeting the first actress to bring Princess Diana to the big screen!

CARY'S COMICS CRAZE: Why did you choose cosplay as the best way to express yourself? 

Ikerd: Oh my! Well, I love art and I love self-expression through color and material. But I also love being able to be who I feel I am.

The warrior (is one) who fights for those who cannot, yet it is not always easy to just dress in historic clothes of the warrior you feel you are. So cosplay was where I was able to channel for this.

I had my clients tell me I was their real Wonder Woman and I looked just like her so I should dress like her. So I did and I loved having the balance of a simple smile and hug from a child when they see me in uniform versus the many times sad and hurt faces of children harmed when they need my help as a lawyer.

Victoria Ikerd (far right) -- better known as "Wonder Woman Is real" on social media --
poses with the Batman cosplayer called @batcaveproductions and Angela H. Johnson.
CCC: "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" is the first time Wonder Woman was on the big screen. How important was this — especially for female DC Comics characters and fangirls/women interested in superhero flicks? 

Ikerd: We have needed a powerful female figure for a long time. I am so thankful to God to have this time finally come.

CCC: What do you think of the decision of casting Gal Gadot? What has she brought to the role?

Ikerd: Having met her, I can tell you she is full of love and light and I could ask for no more beautiful of a soul, inside and out, to play the role of the iconic hero we all identify with.

Straight out of the movie! Model and cosplayer Victoria Ikerd
channels Gal Gadot as Diana Prince. To the right is the Batman
cosplayer @batcaveproductions, with whom Ikerd does many photo shoots.
CCC: What are your expectations for the "Wonder Woman" and "Justice League" films — especially when it relates to Diana? (EDITOR'S NOTE: This email interview was initiated before the "Wonder Woman" film was released.)

Ikerd: I am hopeful she brings the message of the return of love and justice to the world. That we are all capable of being kind and good if we just all decide to do so together.

EDITOR'S NOTE: She is spot on IMHO! Patty Jenkins' powerful film indeed expresses some important messages that would make this a better world.

CCC: How did you get interested in cosplaying? What is the most fulfilling part of cosplay?

Ikerd: I think I answered this, but I just can't convey enough what an amazing balance it brings to my life to be able to have children happy just by seeing me in cosplay. Normally I see them through my day job while they are suffering and I am coming in trying to help in a situation where things have gone very wrong.

Come back to CCC for more from newest cosplay crush, Wonder Woman Is real! In the third and final installment of this exclusive interview, Victoria Ikerd shares how each of her Wonder Woman cosplays "has her own style and personality."

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