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'How does she do it?': The essence of 'Supergirl' in one episode

Not surprisingly, Cary's Comics Craze has been all girl power here recently.

After all I've posted my three-part, exclusive interview with cosplayer Victoria Ikerd, better known on social media as "Wonder Woman Is real." She's a true, real-life superhero for her passion in advocating for children with disabilities. Also at CCC, I've reviewed the first DETECTIVE COMICS trade paperback (in which Batwoman kicks all kinds of a**) from the DC Comics Rebirth reboot, two Batgirl-related Rebirth trades and that led me to re-reviewing the delightful "Birds of Prey" TV series.

And all that has led me to finally getting around to watching Season 1 of "Supergirl," which I bought on DVD many months ago.

I've loved this series from the beginning. To paraphrase what a waitress says in the pilot, it's nice to have someone -- in fact several someones -- my daughters can look up to.
Meme by CARY ASHBY (created late October 2015)/CARY'S COMICS CRAZE
The feisty Cat Grant is played by Calista Lockhart, who gives the CEO of Catco much more heart than Grant would ever want to admit she has. Grant in fact epitomizes a modern successful and independent woman who has succeeded on her own terms.

In Episode 4, she nicely summarizes why her son thinks Supergirl (a delightful Melissa Benoist, who brings a lot of humanity and compassion to the Girl of Steel) is awesome: "smart and brave and strong and she saved you."

And as Grant says about Supergirl in Episode 2, don't we all try to do too much at one time? Isn't a well-rounded life all about balance?

Cat Grant shares some insight with her asistant, Kara Danvers.
This struggle to find that sweet point isn't just a woman/girl-only issue. Many people face that challenge, whether they want to admit to it or not; there's a balance to find between one's job, family, social life and hobbies/passions. "Supergirl" addresses issues like this head-on without ever becoming preachy or being heavy-handed, making everything in the comic book-based TV series very relatable.

What I realized is there are some key quotes from the fourth episode, "How Does She Do It?," that speak to being a strong person, the pitfalls of "the friend zone" (poor Winn -- I'm with you, bud!) and basically life itself -- not just the series.

See if you agree...

Supergirl: "Ever since I've been able to show the world what I can do I feel like anything is possible."

Supergirl: "People who 'click' don't spy on each other."

Alex Danvers (paraphrase): Listening to the problems from the opposite sex can be a one-way ticket to "the friend zone."

Alex Danvers gives Kara some sisterly wisdom.
Carter Grant: "My mom says it's OK to be a nerd. She says if you can face your fears and come out of your shell, well, then the nerds can win in the end."

Kara Danvers: "The stapler is not our enemy."

Alex: "... I blieve there's no higher calling than helping others."

Maxwell Lord: "I've never met anyone worth trusting." Alex: "That's a very lonely way to live."

Alex: "Maybe you're spreading yourself too thin. ... Even the Girl of Steel might break."

Supergirl: "There's always hope."

Supergirl: "I understand what it means to feel overwhelmed. You're not alone."

And Cat Grant gets the final word: "How do you juggle it all? You learn -- that's how. You start with two balls before adding another. ..."
Kara: "So you can have it all/"
Cat: "Of course. Just not all at once. And not right away."

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