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Children's advocate attorney, model shares what's appealing about Wonder Woman, cosplaying (exclusive interview, part 3 of 3)

I hope you've enjoyed my exclusive interview with Wonder Woman cosplayer Victoria Ikerd.

Victoria Ikerd as Wonder Woman
Facebook page
How freakin' cool is it to hear her say she turned her fight for her two children — both of whom have autism — into an overall battle for injustice in the judicial system.

Ikerd is an attorney for kids with disabilities — now that's a real-life superhero if there ever was one! What do I call that? All together, CCCers: #cosplaydoneright

"I was fighting for their future and their (my children's) needs to gain the ability to even the simplest of things like learning to speak or read," Ikerd said in Part 1 of this three-part interview about what led her to attending law school.

In Part 2, the model, cosplayer and attorney — best known on social media as Wonder Woman Is real — says making children happy while she's doing cosplay brings "an amazing balance" to her life.

And without further ado, Ikerd shares what makes Wonder Woman a good role model and how each of her WW cosplays "has her own style and personality."

CARY'S COMICS CRAZE: What do you find most appealing about Wonder Woman? Why is she a good role model for girls of all ages? 

Cosplayer Wonder Woman Is real poses as a statue for a DC Comics
collectibles event during the 2017 San Diego Comic-Con International.
Courtesy of the WONDER WOMAN IS REAL Facebook page
Ikerd: Because she represents all that is limitless about mankind. That our inner souls are meant for greatness and with that we can return to a fine where we are kind and good. That love and justice can and do prevail and that those who are the most innocent and voiceless have the greatest right to the purity and joy of a fulfilled life just like the rest of us with the ability to fight for our justice.

CCC: What other characters do you dress as? Since you cosplay as Wonder Woman most of the time, what goes into the decision to choose one super heroine or villain over another?

Ikerd: Because I feel like her and I are truly so much the same person that I like to stick to that as my exploration of her expression.

CCC: What does dressing as a certain character bring out in your personality? How do fans respond to you in one costume vs. another? 

Victoria Ikerd — Wonder Woman Is real — gets chastised by her "mother," as cosplayed by Sylvia slays all day
(@sylviaslays on Instagram).
Courtesy of the WONDER WOMAN IS REAL Facebook page
Ikerd: Oh, I love how for me each Wonder Woman has her own style and personality. I try to covet this in everything down to my make up colors, hairlines and how she poses.

Each one has its own feel and gets expressed in certain subtly different ways depending on how I put her together on me that day. It's a cool way to express the many sides of myself as well it feels.

Safety first!
Selfie by Wonder Woman Is real via her Facebook page
Oh my, Lynda Carter and Gal Gadot are the most popular because I look kind of like both of them, but also because they are so iconic.

Being dressed up out in public like Wonder Woman is always so surreal because people treat us like real celebrities every single place we go. Even when we run into other real celebrities.

It's so amazing I can't be more thankful or be more in love with my fans. Thank you so much for this opportunity to tell people who I am.

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