Thursday, May 18, 2017

Black Canary to tie the knot? Routh, Bale to reprise roles? (CCC flashback)

Remember when Dinah Lance (Black Canary) was considering Oliver Queen's marriage proposal? 

And when it sounded like actors Christian Bale and Brandon Routh expressed interest in reprising their respective roles of Batman and Superman for the "Justice League" film that never got made?

And can you believe that was ten years ago? 

Yup, it's time to jump back in the Cary's Comics Craze time machine for another flashback. Enjoy another NORWALK REFLECTOR column written by yours truly that is getting its first appearance in this online version of CCC ... 

Late summer 2007 — Fans might be hearing wedding bells for Dinah Lance, not her Black Canary cry, if she considers saying yes to Oliver Queen's marriage proposal in GREEN ARROW No. 75.

Her answer probably won't be revealed until next month with the final issue of the BLACK CANARY limited series. And what should we expect?

Let's put it this way: In September, DC Comics is shipping JUSTICE LEAGUE WEDDING SPECIAL by writer Dwayne McDuffie, who has written for the "Teen Titans" and "Justice League Unlimited" animated series.

Black Canary (Lance) and Green Arrow (Queen) have been a couple for much longer than I've been collecting comics, most of the last 25 years. (That's up to 35 years or so now in 2017!)

DC has made no qualms about suggesting the two have been shacking up. In fact, there's a scene in the recently concluded JUSTICE limited series in which Queen tells Lance he's excited she has decided to go to bed without her blond wig.

Me? I'd prefer the sexual tension between these two love birds, rather than them facing marital bliss. After all, I think the sparks in the Clark Kent-Lois Lane and Peter Parker-Mary Jane Watson relationships were a lot more electric before their marriages.

* * *

'JLA,' 'Superman'' movie madness

Stick with me, folks; this one gets complicated very quickly.

Screenwriters Kieran and Michele Mulroney have turned in their "Justice League of America" (JLA) script. The good news is Warner Bros. (WB), which owns DC, apparently is pleased.

The even better news if casting consistency is good is that the stars of "Superman Returns" and "Batman Begins" have expressed at least some interest in reprising their roles for "JLA."

Brandon Routh, this generation's Superman, discussed "JLA" with the film website during the L.A. premiere for "Transformers."

This was the promotional image released by Warner Bros. that revealed how
actor Brandon Routh would look in "Superman Returns."
Routh said: "I would definitely be intrigued to work with him ("Batman Begins" star Christian Bale) and whoever else wants to be a part of it."

He expects shooting and prep work for "Superman: The Man of Steel" (as it was being called in 2007!) to start in early 2008 for a 2009 release.

"I'm getting a little itchy to get back in the suit now," Routh also told IESB.

Bale, in addressing "JLA" with another website, said he "won't knock" playing Batman for many years. Great!

"JLA" would be a huge financial bomb if it doesn't incorporate DC's two most well-known heroes. An even worse decision would be not considering using Bale or Routh, especially when both actors seem to be interested in "JLA," come off as team players and have been praised for their respective performances.

Trade magazines, not to mention countless fans, have contended that "Man of Steel" may be delayed, or worse, not even made. They have cited the lukewarm box office reception for "Superman Returns," director Bryan Singer's schedule and the JLA plans.
Actor Christian Bale played Batman three times in director Christopher Nolan's
"The Dark Knight Trilogy."

"Batman Begins" fans have said director Chris Nolan's gritty, realistic vision for Gotham City means Batman should only be a loner.

Singer's World War II thriller "Valkyrie" is in production now. The producers of "The Mayor of Castro Street," about gay rights activist Harvey Milk, hoped Singer would start on their film while he's putting the finishing touches on the Tom Cruise movie. Singer's producers recently told IESB that "The Man of Steel" is the director's next project after "Valkyrie," guaranteeing "there is some work being done with 'Superman' right now."

Let's get this straight; it's all a matter of money, scheduling and casting. WB and DC know Superman and Batman are their money-makers. They aren't going to do anything that means not having their "Main Men" on the big screen (again, possibly together) as soon as possible.

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