Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Flashback/retro-review: 'Iron Man 2' is a good time

Now that you've discovered that director Jon Favreau was my first celebrity interview, here's my review of "Iron Man 2." which I discovered on the NORWALK REFLECTOR website. 

Where's my review of the first movie, you might ask? Remember when I lamented the years of dead links to the original CCC blog since that site went dead? That's where it is -- and the pre-"Avengers" re-reviews of all the Marvel Studios films at the time -- plus my first second-by-second breakdown of a trailer -- IM2, no less! 

So, until I dig out the hard copies of those posts and decide to retype the best of CCC as flashbacks, I guess my original "Iron Man" review will stay in Internet limbo! . . .

May 2010 -- There's only one thing better than catching a widely anticipated action film starring one of my favorite characters in the theater. Enjoying that big-screen experience with my sister on vacation.

In my last column, I proposed that "fans and critics were determined to be let down on some level" if IM2 didn't have them "automatically thinking it had reached the knock-it-out-of-the-park realm" of such beloved sequels as "The Empire Strikes Back" and "Spider-Man 2."

So this begs the following questions: Is IM2 as great of a sequel as "Empire"?

Was I disappointed?

To quote the great Will Smith in various films: "Ah, hell no."

IM2 is an enjoyable ride with another fantastic cast, memorable lines and great action sequences. We also get to see more of the characters who got very little screen time in "Iron Man" (director Jon Favreau as chauffeur/boydguard "Happy" Hogan and Clark Gregg's SHIELD Agent Coulson) and witness how complicated life can be when you're associated with Stark Industries.

To be honest, I understand the criticism that there's not enough of Robert Downey Jr.'s Tony Stark in the Iron Man armor. I also "get it" when people say there's not enough super-heroics going on.

But I completely disagree that IM2 simply marks time until "Thor" (May 6, 2011) and "The First Avenger: Captain America" (July 22, 2011) culminate with "The Avengers" (May 4, 2012).

Sure, Coulson is astonished to find an unfinished version of Cap's shield in a box in Stark's lab. Only Downey could pull off Stark realizing the importance of the SHIELD agent's discovery isn't that it might have belonged to a legendary World War II soldier, but is the best thing to make the piping system for his reactor system sit perfectly straight.

But you can't tell me with a straight face that you didn't expect Favreau not to include fanboy treats like that? ... I didn't think so.

Stark spends a lot of IM2 out of his armor. This makes sense since he told the media he's Iron Man at the end of the first film; now he has to deal with that fall-out. Grade: A

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