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Cary's Comics Craze laments dead links of original CCC — but I saved a great Caphead moment!

Thanks to, I've discovered the very last page of the original online home of Cary's Comics Craze. Sadly, since crapped out, all — and I mean every single one of the links to my posts — are dead.

That means two years-plus of posts I wrote about animation, Batman, David Bowie, KISS and other music, films on DVD, trade paperbacks reviews and retro-reviews, films I saw in the theater, the Washington Redskins, NFL and TV series are all history. ***Siiighs!***

There are a couple special reviews I regret not being able to save, such as the first time I did a speculation-filled, nearly second-by-second review of a trailer, which I did the first time for "Iron Man 2." There's also a series of follow-up reviews I did of each Marvel Studios movie leading up to the release of the "The Avengers" that I thought were extremely well written.

The posts I miss the most — and I wish someone, somewhere had saved and/or posted on another website — are the interviews. There are some great tidbits I grabbed from interviewing comic book writers Roger Stern and Mike Gold at my first comic book convention in 2013 and a lengthy, fascinating interview I did via email with cosplayer Margie Cox that I will miss the most.
Margie Cox is one of my favorite
Wonder Woman cosplayers!
Courtesy of Margie Cox via NORWALK REFLECTOR

But I did find the very last ten posts I put on the old CCC on! And what's exciting about that is a post I put up May 27, 2014 was of a conversation I had with writer J.M. DeMatteis during the Motor City Comic Con just before that. Keep in mind this wasn't a formal interview; I simply wrote down everything of substance I could remember from my conversation with him.

Here's the teaser to it — so I at least salvaged that much…!

This coverage of the Motor City Comic Con is going up much later than I wanted — but that’s all on for failing to be available. Without further ado … 

NOVI, Mich. — I’ve said here time and time again how gratifying it’s been to tell comic book writers how much I’ve enjoyed the stories they have written.

J. M. DeMatteis was gracious as I told him the 1982-1984 run he did on CAPTAIN AMERICA made me the Caphead I am today.

(In this installment of definitive takes on my favorite comic book characters, I list DeMatteis’ run with artist Mike Zeck as one of the ultimate takes on Cap. Read what I have to say.) 

J.M. DeMatteis
Photo courtesy of Bleeding Cool
DeMatteis said he was honored to be mentioned “in the same breath Roger’s” run — a reference I had made to Roger Stern’s short, but memorable set of stories with artist John Byrne. DeMatteis told me Stern’s stories are short, but classic.

I also told DeMatteis that with the release of two “Captain America” films ("The First Avenger" and "Winter Soldier") and of course, “The Avengers,” people are realizing what I had been saying for years: That Cap is an exceptionally cool character. The writer agreed with me, saying there’s more depth to the Star Spangled Avenger than he usually gets credit for. “There’s much more there than people realize,” DeMatteis said. …

And that's where the teaser ends. There's not much more to it, as I remember, but I definitely recall — even four years later that DeMatteis and I talked about how interesting it was to see the many Captain America cosplayers come out of the woodwork. He didn't have anybody else in line to talk to him and I didn't even have anything for him to sign, but it's a very special memory to just chat with an extremely talented writer who couldn't have been any nicer or gracious.

In case you care — and I'm probably the one fan who does — here are the titles of the last posts on the original CCC, starting with the most recent:

• ‘Captain America: Red Glare’ trade review (June 7, 2014)
• ‘X-Men: Alpha Flight’ trade review (June 5)
• Batman and Superman to usher in ‘Dawn of Justice’ (May 31)
• Bryan Singer hasn’t lost his mutant groove: ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ review (May 28)
• Talking Captain America at Motor City Comic Con with one of my favorite writers (May 27)
• ‘Batgirl Annual’ No. 2 (May 19)
• ‘Batman and Robin Annual’ No. 2 (May 17)
• Thoughts on the Ben Affleck Batman costume and the Batmobile (May 16)
• Do we need a young Bruce Wayne/Jim Gordon TV series?: ‘Gotham’ trailer review (May 11)
• Blogging the first 11 minutes of ‘Thor: The Dark World’ (May 10)

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