Sunday, March 5, 2017

'No Good Deed' Deadpool sequel teaser trailer: The CCC breakdown & review

The "No Good Deed" teaser trailer for the "Deadpool" sequel is 3:41 of irreverent Deadpool hilarity and goodness!

And Cary's Comics Craze is doing its customary (nearly) second-by-second breakdown …

Don't worry, citizen! It's Deadpool to the rescue — we hope.
0:00-0:19 — Wade Wilson, in jeans, gets the "Saturday Night Fever" treatment with a shot of him walking down the street. Yup, it's a gratuitous Ryan Reynolds butt shot!

0:33 — And our hero sees a mugging with a man being threatened at gunpoint.

0:41 — "Not on my watch, m****f****r."

0:44 — Wade Wilson races to a phone booth with frost-colored glass. Cue "The Superman March" by John Williams. It's hero time!
0:44-47 — Did you notice that "Logan" is playing at the movie across the street from the phone booth that Wilson enters? Who says Reynolds couldn't find a way to get Wolverine in his "Deadpool" sequel?

0:47-49 — Wilson barely gets the collapsable door closed because his backpack gets stuck for a second.

0:51 — And Wilson starts changing into his Deadpool gear. Clock is ticking, dude! Off comes the hooded sweatshirt at the 0:56 mark.

1:04 — Wilson is working on getting his jeans off.

1:09-1:18 — A gratuitous shot of Ryan Reynold's bare ass smashed against the glass of the phone booth.

1:20 — Mugger to victim: "Gimme your f***in' wallet!"

1:20-1:30 — And Wilson is still changing… Man, that phone booth is cramped.

1:30-1:35 — Deadpool has the phone booth rocking back and forth. Did anybody mention there's not much space in there — much less when you have two samurai swords strapped to the back of your costume?

1:38 — Deadpool makes a random phone call.

1:44 — "No. OK. Just tell him Wade called."

1:50 — Gotta get the guns ready… And "The Superman March," well, marches on…

1:52 — Victim: "Can someone hear me? Heeeelp me…!" Uh, Wade, you need to hurry up, dude!

1:56 — And there's a gun shot. Uh oh!

1:59 — After some final adjustments, Deadpool emerges from the phone booth. Finally!

2:05 — Gratuitous Stan Lee cameo: "Wow! Nice suit." "ZIP it, Stan Lee!"

2:10 — Deadpool is off to rescue the mugging victim. Cue the theme from "St. Elmo's Fire."

2:20 — "Ohhhh Jesus."

2:21 — "Oh, that's not good. No no no." (Check out the poster for the "Logan" film on the wall to the right of Deadpool's shoulder.)

2:25 — "Oh, you're not going to walk that off. That's gross."

2:31 — "I'm so sorry. I-I spent way too long in the phone booth." You think?!?

2:36 — "If I'm honest with myself, I probably should have just called 9-1-1."

2:42 — So Deadpool didn't make it in time to be of any help, so why not lay his head down on the corpse's belly?

2:52 — And Deadpool starts being reflective: "What the f*** is a phone booth doing on a street corner? Didn't those disappear in 1998?"

2:58 — "I suppose I could have just used my cell."

3:01 — "Oooh — Cherry Garcia ice cream! You gonna eat this?"

3:07 — "Don't answer now. Just rest."

3:20 — "How do the other guys do it so quickly? You probably wouldn't be dead if was Logan."

3:19-3:21 — And when is the "Deadpool" sequel coming to theaters? Kinda like coming to help that mugging victim – "Not soon enough."

Grade: A+

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