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'Heroes v Aliens' Arrowverse crossover review (or at least what I saw!)

I was set. Wearing my comfiest flannel pajama pants and ensconced in a blanket on the love seat ... aaaand I fell asleep shortly after Cisco told Felicity that Barry wasn't his best friend anymore.

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So I don't have any idea how the four-show "Heroes v Aliens" crossover event ended on "DC's Legends of Tomorrow." But I enjoyed what I saw.

Like many fans, I quickly realized the "Supergirl" installment was really nothing more than a regular episode with a cameo at the end of Barry Allen and Cisco Ramone to set up Kara Danvers coming into the Arrowverse. But I should have seen this coming.

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Regardless, the "Supergirl" writing team deserves a lot of credit for the classy way they have handled Alex Danvers' transition into realizing she is a lesbian.

It's been a natural progression, with Alex going from finding Detective Maggie Sawyer incredibly appealing (and someone who has a similar interest in being an advocate for those who are different) to realizing -- thanks to Kara and others saying something -- that she doesn't just realize Sawyer is an appealing person, but she has legitimate feelings for her.

Now you could argue whether that's a natural progression (after all, I'm a heterosexual guy), but it has a great feel. Alex's so-called "coming out" (am I the only "straight" person who is bothered by that phrase?) has been organic. Her mixed feelings of shame, insecurity and who-knows-what-else were deftly handled by actress Chyler Leigh when she finally got up the nerve to tell her mom about her "new reality." Touching stuff!

Leigh's Alex and Floriana Lima's Sawyer connect well onscreen and that translates into outstanding character chemistry.

And doesn't every person who has a thing and/or crush on someone want that person to say you should "kiss the people you want to kiss"? You go, Maggie Sawyer!

All that being said, the "zing" between Alex and Maggie I saw the first time I saw them onscreen hasn't lessened. I'm looking forward to how their relationship and Alex's "new reality" develop.

Back to "Heroes v Aliens."

The crossover event really started in kind on "The Flash."

**Thanks** to a change in my job responsibilities, I have started working every Tuesday night, soooo sadly, this means this member of Team Flash doesn't get his weekly dose of Barry and Co. (No DVR, you see ...! #nerdproblems)

Needless to say, all the promos for this week's episode of "The Flash" had me even more pumped to see this crossover than before. His reveal of Supergirl to Team Arrow and the "Legends" crew looked like a geeky-great moment.

Seeing The Flash and Supergirl team up on "Arrow" was something special. Having them do the wrestling match team-tag move to take down the baddie? Nerdgasm!

The opening sequence of Wednesday's "Arrow" was, for my tastes, the best part of the episode.

Sure, it was an alternate reality created by the aliens/Dominators, but how fantastic was it to see Katie Cassidy's Laurel Lance together with Stephen Amell's Oliver Queen?

I expected that to be a one-and-done kind-of teaser, but I was pleased to see how long the writers let this alternate reality where Oliver and his sister Thea could truly be happy breathe. And don't forget about the short scene in which the Lance sisters were reunited. And seeing Oliver and Thea's mother again. So so good!

Every scene with Laurel Lance just made it hit home for me that Cassidy/Lance was/is the heart of "Arrow." I didn't realized I missed her so much, until she was onscreen again.

This just confirms a sneaking suspicion I have that the writers should have never killed off Laurel/Black Canary. Although there were some powerful episodes initally after her murder, her death has served no greater purpose on "Arrow." Laurel's marked absence has created a void within the chemistry in Team Arrow; things just aren't the same without her.
Nothing like seeing the Lance sisters reunited -- even if it was just for one episode!
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Lance/Cassidy is the glue that has kept "Arrow" together and without her, the series and indeed all of Team Arrow is simply off.

Good thing it sounds like Laurel will be back for the midseason premiere. Hopefully it will be on a permanent basis. That might be the best thing that's happened with Barry messing with the timeline!

Stay tuned to CCC as I'm sure I'll have more to say about this. Just gotta get my thoughts together!

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