Monday, October 10, 2016

More meme madness from Cary's Comics Craze (Big surprise, huh?)

As if you didn't already know if you haven't checked out the other photo galleries of memes I've created, sometimes it's just one photo that inspires me — thanks to my warped sense of humor.

As this Nick Fury one proves, it can be a photo posted by ESPN on one of its Instagram accounts that gets my twisted creative juices going. I just slightly cropped the photo — which ESPN already saw the humor in — and took it a step further. Soon after creating the meme, I tagged Samuel L. Jackson on Twitter. But sadly, Sam "The Man" didn't respond to the direct Tweet. Maybe eventually he'll notice it …!

The meme below is of a stunning Batgirl cosplayer and model I've discovered on Instagram known there as "missmandykins." (As you know, redheads are my Kryptonite!) Her self-described Cover Girl-inspired photo shoot inspired that one. 

And one of Heath Ledger's Joker (after the jump) came about from the ridiculous and overblown media coverage of creepy clown sightings. Unfortunately, even here in northern Ohio we had some bogus sightings based on a impromptu photo that went viral. (Here's a link to my third story [in a week!] for the NORWALK REFLECTOR newspaper that includes links to my previous stories.) 
Actually, that meme is directly inspired by my fellow goofy-ass bastard Aaron Dees for talking on Facebook about how everything he fears about clowns has come true. And we can credit — or is it blame at this point?! — my BFF and a brother from another mother in getting me inspired to create memes in the first place. 

Here's my first CCC "Meme me up, Aaaron!" post/photo gallery dedicated to the memes in which Aaron has created memes making fun of me at comic book conventions. And speaking of cons …!

There are many pics taken of me goofin' with cosplayers at comic book conventions (soooo much fun!) or pics I've taken of memorable cosplayers that later inspire a meme. This Wolverine one was taken when I helped out Jamie Stewart at his Phat Daddy's Comics booth at the Gem City Comic Con in Dayton, Ohio. There's one featuring me threatening Deadpool (Ha! The tables were turned — finally!) at the Cleveland Comic Con. 

Anyway, enjoy this latest round of meme madness from Cary's Comics Craze. LMK which ones you really liked or tickled your funny bone in the comments section below. You may share these on social media; all I request is you give me credit (Cary Ashby/Cary's Comics Craze) — it's the right and ethical thing to do!

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