Friday, October 7, 2016

CCC goes to Cleveland Comic Con

CLEVELAND — The Cleveland Comic Con didn't just move to the Cuyahoga County Fairgrounds; it's also become a two-day event.

What a spot-on Doctor Strange cosplay!
She (yes, that's a girl!) told me she has been a fan of
the Sorcerer Supreme since she was kid.
On top of that, it now is in two buildings.

So as Jamie "Phat Daddy" Stewart and I wondered: Would there be enough fans to warrant making it a two-day con? And would they know there were two buildings?

Well, the answers were a resounding yes and yes!

Aside from the oppressive fanboy heat, Phat Daddy's Comics was set up in a great building. There was a lot of foot traffic and it seems Jamie had a very profitable day.

The crowd was crazy-busy the first couple hours and stayed busy for most of the day. I helped out Jamie just on Saturday (Oct. 1), but he had just as many fans stopping by the next day.

Enough of my ramblings. For now!

Here's the first part of my photo galleries of the best cosplays I photographed. As I said in my "coverage" of the Hall of Fame City Comic Con (which happened the previous Saturday), if you see yourself or a friend, let him or her know and refer them here. And write a comment below!

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