Monday, August 15, 2016

Zoinks! Hey Puddin', it's a NEO Comic Con photo gallery

STRONGSVILLE, Ohio -- Well, it wouldn't be a comic book convention if I didn't take some photos. Much less post the best ones here.

Hey Puddin'!
I couldn't pass up hamming it up with this Harley Quinn statue.
Enjoy these pics from Sunday's NEO Comic Con in Strongsville, Ohio (outside of Cleveland), where my buddy, Jamie Stewart, of Phat Daddy's Comics & Collectibles, and Big Ron Cooper had strong shows selling vintage comics. (All photos by Cary's Comics Craze.)
This male Katana and adorable Zatanna cosplayer
were in the lobby of the Holiday Inn ready to great fans
and pose for photo opps.
Like Zoinks, Scoob!
This guy's Boba Fett costume was just as impressive in person --
complete with a vocalizer from the films.

Getting a selfie with a redhead cosplaying as Poison Ivy? You bet!
As I say, redheads are my Kryptonite.
Artist Perris Mackey shows off his Avengers collage, which he made from bits of comic books and magazines.
The world champion Cleveland Cavaliers' starting line-up by artist Perris Mackey.
Look for a Q&A soon (I hope) on CCC about Mackey and the way he creates his impressive, original art.
Comic cons are the only places where it's socially acceptable to ask to take a photo of -- and with --
an attractive stranger -- and she doesn't flinch. LOL
A plicture with a cute Zatanna cosplayer with great legs? ... Duh!
Thanks to the male Katana cosplayer who snapped this shot for me.
Even at a relatively small con like NEO, there was more than one Harley Quinn cosplayer.
Children of the '80s who grew up on weekday afternoon cartoons will know who this guy is cosplaying.
(Hint: He-Man!) I always respect when fans choose unusual or little-seen characters for their cosplays.
This Zatanna cosplayer was one of the best at the 2016 NEO Comic Con.
This Harley Quinn fan is just too cute not to end this Cary's Comics Craze photo gallery strong with another photo of her.

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