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Wonder Woman is a badass beauty: Must-see first trailer review


Director Patty Jenkins has hit it out of the park with "Wonder Woman."

If fans like myself weren't already pumped about Diana Prince/Wonder Woman finally making her big-screen premiere June 2, 2017, they should be even more so now. And the doubters should be silenced.

That's because everything about the first trailer for "Wonder Woman" revealed this weekend at the San Diego Comic-Con is spot-on. The 2:52 of footage delivers the Amazon princess with every quality which has challenged dozens of comic-book writers and many a filmmaker for decades.

The gorgeous Gal Gadot brings class to Prince/Wonder Woman, who is ballsy and kicks plenty of ass. Yet she's classy, embodies grace and isn't afraid to espouse a bit of feminism. Her response to Etta Candy (Lucy Davis)'s explanation of doing Steve Trevor's will as her secretary is, well, words escape me, but it's a delight to hear -- now or in the male-dominated era of World War I: "Well, where I'm from, that's called slavery."

Before I get into another of my second-by-second breakdowns, this time of "Wonder Woman," I have to talk about her in "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice." (Don't let the "Ultimate Edition" name fool ya; "BvS" remains a hot mess. It remains a "B-." Look for a CCC review of the so-called "Ultimate Edition" as time allows.) 

Gadot's Prince/Wonder Woman is one of the highlights in "BvS." Not many actresses can go toe-to-toe with a man as flirtacious and charismatic as Ben Affleck's Bruce Wayne and leave him dumbfounded. (And doesn't Prince add insult to injury by taking Wayne's sports car? Or is that hers she drives from the art gallery?)

Wonder Woman is fierce in the Doomsday battle. The Amazon warrior more than holds her own against the beast. Gadot's smirk as she's on her elbows before getting up to dish out more pain: Perfection! And those thighs when Wonder Woman wraps Doomsday up in her magic lasso gets me every time ...

OK. getting distracted back into brainless "hottest hottie" territory ...! (In case you're interested, Wonder Woman makes the grade of my top 15 "hottest hotties" from DC and Marvel, as explained with the definitive comics and onscreen incarnations in the conclusion of my three-part series.)

Back to the topic at hand: The Wonder Woman/Prince we saw in "BvS" is nothing less than a tease or glimpse of things to come. And then Jenkins gives us the real deal in the trailer for her WWI-era film, which hopefully will explain why Prince tells Wayne in the closing minutes of "BvS" that "one hundred years ago I walked away from mankind, from a century of horrors."

And now a nearly second-by-second breakdown/review of the must-see first trailer for "Wonder Woman":

0:11 -- Who wouldn't want to wake up to that beautiful face?

0:34-0:38 -- These period costumes are spot on.

0:39-0:42 -- Gal Gadot is a vision in that blue dress. Wowzers!

0:47 -- ... but beware of her sword she has hidden down the back of that dress. Wonder Woman is a warrior, after all. (Is that a sword in your dress or are you just happy to see me? Sorry, couldn't resist!) 

Seriously, I'm pretty sure Diana Prince is preparing to kick the ass of the creepy military guy who was giving her the stink eye at the 0:44-0:46 mark. Dude, you're going down!

0:54 -- Who is the lady with the fracture half-mask? Why do I feel like she has something against Prince and/or Wonder Woman? Seriously, does anybody know or can guess who that is?

GIF courtesy of the Heroes and Heartbreakers website
0:57 -- Steve Trevor: "Have you ever met a man before? What about your father?"
Prince: "I have no father. I was brought to life by Zeus."
"Well, that's neat."

What -- no double take from Chris Pine's Trevor? Certainly he would ask a follow-up question. I know I would if I heard that.

1:12-1:17 -- Amazons fighting -- yessss!

1:21 -- Diana and Steve might kiss! (Lucky bastard!)

1:27 -- Love, love, love the close-up of Wonder Woman's lasso! Iconic.

1:29-1:32 -- The close-ups of her costume are just as sweet.

1:35-1:37 -- Wonder Woman's like: "Launch a grenade at me? My shield and I have this." And she does it as if it's no big deal! ,,, That's our Wonder Woman!

1:51-1:52 -- Shield vs. bullets: Did you soldiers learn nothing from launching a grenade at her? ... Knuckleheads.

1:57-2:13 -- Wonder Woman is one badass warrior. Don't mess with her. Killer shots of her using her magic lasso! Lovin' it!

2:13-2:27 -- What a score! This syncopated music perfectly suits Wonder Woman's exotic and powerful nature.

2:27 -- Etta Candy is introduced as Trevor's secretary. Golden Age comics fans will appreciate that. Davis looks just like her without being as frumpy as the comic-book version (believe it or not). But her name is as corny as it was 70-plus years ago.

2:30 -- Prince: "What is a 'secretary'?"
Candy: "I go where he tells me. I do what he tells me to do."
"Well, from where I'm from, that's called slavery."

2:38-2:40 -- Candy's response is priceless: "I really like her."

And of course, Trevor wants nothing to do with this feminist moment. He's like, I need to get out of here!: "Fantastic. .. Ladies -- after you ..."

Grade: (the very rare): A+

So what did you think of this trailer? I'd rate it just above the "Justice League" footage, which as I say in my review -- also done second by second -- is "fun, fangasm goodness." Well done, DC Entertainment and Warner Bros.! Well done indeed.

And DC/WB isn't just 2-for-2 at the SDCC. They're actually 3-for3! The trailer for "The LEGO Batman Movie" is hysterical! Soooo outrageous. You should check that out too. And yup, CCC will review that one too! 

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