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Hottest of the hotties from DC, Marvel (Conclusion: Rogue, Scarlet Witch, Spider-Woman, Wonder Woman, Zatanna)

After several days' break -- and actually a short vacation, Cary's Comics Craze is wrapping up its three-part "Hottest of the Hotties from DC and Marvel" series.

Besides being naturally gorgeous, there's something about
the way actress Elizabeth Olsen moves her body and arms when
she casts spells that makes her Scarlet Witch that much hotter.
To catch you up, in Part 1 I outlined how the original idea of making this a top-10 list counted down from 10 to No. 1 was just not possible. I even admitted how I knew there were gonna be some comic book babes left off this list of 15 that I am confident will and/or have caused some gripes. Therefore, there are a three honorable mentions posted soon in a much briefer installment!

There are Marvel and DC heroines and villainesses in this list of 15. In each entry I say why each character is a hottie and what comic book versions are my favorites -- along with TV and/or movie incarnations and notable cosplayers, if applicable.

The first five women in Part 1 got us through the letter "E." And in part 2, we made much more progress through the alphabet (getting through the letter "P"). By hottie No. 10, DC and Marvel were locked up at five apiece. (Purely coincidental, I might add!) 

So without further ado, here are the last five hottest hotties from Marvel and DC ...!


Just as the case with fans who dress up as Harley Quinn at comic book conventions, cosplayers who have all the right parts in all the right places have made Rogue a sex symbol.

Anna Marie's color-bright X-Men costumes from the 1990s comic books are a hot mess (as are most of the X-Men's suits, if I'm being honest), but real-life shapely girls and women know how to rock Rogue's green and yellow, one-piece get-up.

Maybe the sexiest thing about Rogue — besides that exotic white streak in her hair (does the Chester Cheetah for a few seconds!) — is that this one-time baddie has to stay covered up to avoid accidentally borrowing someone's powers, which also puts that person in peril as that transfer happens. Let's face it; there's nothing like a woman covering up her assets to keep you wondering and get you daydreaming even more about her.

Callie Cosplay isn't just one of my favorite cosplayers;
this nerdy knockout does a knock-out job with Rogue.
Throw in Anna Marie's delightfully sexy Mississippi accent and I'm done!

Artist Paul Smith's Rogue from the late Bronze Age is my preferred comic-book incarnation. And when she's being written by X-Men scribe extraordinaire Chris Claremont, there's no better

Actress Anna Paquin gives Rogue an endearing vulnerability in the original "X-Men" trilogy.

Through her performance, we resonate with Anna Marie's plight of connecting emotionally with Wolverine and Bobby Drake/Iceman, yet she knows that touching anyone she loves would cause them great pain. Paquin has us feel the pain of fearing to kiss Bobby or even stroke his face. Although we never see the cinematic Rogue be the ass-kicker she is in the comics, Paquin makes Rogue a relatable character, one who quickly came to encapsulate all mutants' struggles to fit into a society which largely despises or mistrusts them.

(For CCC's two-part countdown of every "X-Men" film -- yes, from worst to best and including "Deadpool" -- one of my cinematic comfort foods, click here for part 1.)

Scarlet Witch

Wanda Maximoff, like Rogue, keeps it modest with her costume. For the most part.

Scarlet Witch and the Wasp by George Perez
George Perez's gypsy-inspired, belly-baring costume is the smokin' hot exception. Complete with an equally hot, breezy skirt which emphasizes Wanda's to die-for legs, his Scarlet Witch is a knockout in the 1998-era AVENGERS series. Wowzers!

Scarlet Witch's pile of heavenly auburn hair is a big turn-on for yours truly. And I'm sure I'm not the only guy who thinks that.

Aside from her normally restrained sex appeal, is it any surprise an android like Vision would take notice of such a lovely lady and fall in love with her? And in the must-read Perez-Kurt Busiek run of THE AVENGERS, is it any, er, wonder that Wonder Man's love for Wanda brings him back to his teammates to assist Scarlet Witch and the Avengers when the odds are stacked against them?

In the "Avengers" movies and "Captain America: Civil War," the naturally gorgeous actress Elizabeth Olsen adds her own subdued sexuality and charm to make Scarlet Witch va-va-voom appealing.

Olsen is intoxicating to watch as she moves her hands and body while casting spells. She almost seems to be doing a dance as she throws her hex bolts. Wanda's thigh-high leggings on Olsen's great gams make her incarnation even more mesmerizing. Once you combine all that with Olsen's likability and her onscreen presence, you have a magical Scarlet Witch that would make any man weak in the knees.


What's not to like about Jessica Drew? Long, sexy dark hair and curves to match. And what guy doesn't find a mysterious woman appealing?

While I can't come up with an artist whose Spider-Woman I admire more than any other version, Michael Golden's is a tough one to beat.

Talking about the sexy Spider-Woman is a perfect time for me again to get on my feminist fanboy soapbox — even as I wrap up a series I've called the "hottest hotties — to address a topic I've ranted about many times. I can't stand when pencillers draw Spider-Woman too busty; balloon boobs (as I call 'em) just aren't sexy. They look as ridiculous as they do on Catwoman, Harley Quinn, Scarlet Witch and Wonder Woman — and actually any woman in comic books, to be honest.

Wonder Woman

Diana Prince is perfection personified: She is a gorgeous, kick-butt warrior who is also kind and full of grace and wisdom. Not to mention she's a member of royalty! That combination of high standards make Wonder Woman a great role model for females of all ages.

Wonder Woman by George Perez
Is it any, um, wonder that many fans imagine her being the perfect woman for Superman? (That's way too much perfection in one couple for my tastes!)

Needless to say, Wonder Woman is a favorite cosplay at comic book conventions. Viva WW Cosplay, Valerie Perez (a must-see below!) and Margie Cox are models/professional cosplayers who perfectly embody this iconic character. Not to mention, they're also my cosplay crushes.

(Here's Part 1 of a 3-part exclusive CCC interview with Cox. In the final installment, she talks about Wonder Woman (duh!) and sexuality.)

Lynda Carter's TV Wonder Woman is a definitive take on the character and Carter's casting resulted in a legendary, once-in-a-lifetime portrayal. She is nothing less than a class act.

Actress Gal Gadot shows promise in "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice."

She personifies Wonder Woman's quiet confidence and she does more than just hold her own during the climactic battle with Doomsday. Gadot's scenes with Ben Affleck's charismatic Bruce Wayne are some of the best parts of "Dawn of Justice," which mostly is a hot mess of hit-and-miss moments. It's no surprise Wonder Woman's cameo at the end of the second trailer — which I've called "She with you?" — is the highlight of that footage. I'm sure I'm not the only Wonder Woman fan who can't wait to see how she is handled in her solo film (out June 2, 2017)  and "Justice League" (Nov. 17, 2017).

In the comics, there's George Perez, Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez and Dick Giordano — and then there's everybody else's. I'd love to see how Bob Layton, Alan Davis and the late Don Newton would draw Wonder Woman.


Z keeps it classy in a formal jacket, vest and white gloves. But her fishnet stockings and high heels complement her killer legs and calves.

If I saw Garcia-Lopez or Perez's Zatanna in real life, I'd probably speak out of order and certainly be spellbound.

Honorable mentions?

And what about those comic book babes who didn't quite make the Cary's Comics Craze list of the 15 hottest hotties from DC and Marvel?

Come back to CCC for a separate, much, much shorter installment with my three selections. And then keep checking for "the three hottest redheads in comic books — aside from Barbara Gordon and Jean Grey."

And that's what we call a tease, fans! Until then, enjoy model Valerie Perez in all her Wonder Woman drop-dead gorgeous glory. ***Sighs*** …

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