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Who are the hottest hotties in DC and Marvel? (Part 1: Batgirl, Black Canary, Catwoman, Elektra, Enchantress)

First of all, I don't usually make these kind of lists. In fact, it may be my first!

But I guess it's OK to turn off the analysis part of my fanboy brain and go superficial every once in a while.

Here at Cary's Comics Craze has a tradition for tackling more substantive issues in the comic book industry and superhero/film genres, such as:
OK, you get the picture. But as I just said, it's time to turn off the ol' thinker and check out some eye candy.

It's not unusual to see gender-bending cosplays
at comic book conventions. Captain America and
Deadpool are current favorites, but this cutie just
rocked it as Robin at the 2016 Motor City Comic Con.
So yup, CCC is going horndog with the hottest of the hotties -- both superheroes and villains -- from DC and Marvel.

But old habits die hard. First, a few words of explanation. And I promise to keep it short, you undersexed perverts!

It was going to be a top-10 list. And I was going to rank these lovely ladies. Impossible! I couldn't possibly put these hotties in a hierarchy -- and then I realized five female characters I had to have on this list.

Needless to say, there will be fanboys and fangirls who will be disappointed, if not downright ticked, that I left off seemingly obvious choices: Psylocke, Vampirella, Talia al Ghul (whose characterization IMHO has been screwed up ever since Grant Morrison's (mostly) stellar BATMAN run!), Black Widow, Batwoman and even Sue Richards (aka Invisible Woman).

Just remember: My blog, my list, my tastes!

(But don't worry, Batwoman and Black Widow fans; they will get their due. Keep an eye out for CCC's list of the three hottest redheads -- besides Batgirl -- in comics!)


Alphabetically, Barbara "Babs" Gordon is No. 1. And quite honestly, she's numero uno in my heart, too.

Babs has it all: Brains, the "bod" and spunk -- not to mention she has that sexy, nerd mojo thing going on too. And red hair!
Batgirl by Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez
On TV, the late Yvonne Craig made me fall in love with Batgirl while Dina Meyer sealed the deal as an older, more experienced and wiser Barbara Gordon in "Birds of Prey." Batgirl in "Batman: The Animated Series" is the personification of everything we've come to expect. In the comics, Dick Grayson's should-be lover has never looked better when drawn by Don Newton, Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez, Jim Aparo or Ardian Syaf.


Fishnet stockings + Dinah Lance's insatiable sex drive + her martial arts skills = hot, hot hot!

Actress Katie Cassidy brought the brains to prosecutor Laurel Lance's braun on "Arrow." George Perez and Garcia-Lopez are the go-to BC artists.


How can you not include this feisty brunette who caught the eye of Batman from the very first time they met?

Needless to say, Selina Kyle is the ultimate femme fatale, but I prefer when writers make her more flirtacious, dangerously playful and morally ambiguous than nasty and vengeful. Catwoman is at her best and most compelling when readers aren't quite sure she if she's being straight, playing it by ear or just pretending to be noble.

The best incarnations are when Catwoman isn't full-on, well, sex kitten. And for my tastes, skip the black jumpsuit with the zipper down the front; I still love Selina's costume from the Bronze Age (as seen above).

Irv Novick, Tim Sale, Frank McLaughlin and Aparo are the masters of drawing her at her sexiest. On film, take your pick: Julie Newmar, Lee Meriwether, Michelle Pfeiffer or Anne Hathway. Mee-OW!


There's nothing like the original -- artistically or from a characterization POV: Frank Miller and Klaus Janson's. Actress Jennifer Garner is a stunner in Elektra's red ninja costume and we can see how she's plenty dangerous, but the 2005 "Elektra" film ultimately softens her edges too much.

Miller the writer nails what's appealing and deadly about Elektra -- she's a trained assassin with exotic, Greek looks (and don't forget those killer thighs and legs!).

But it's her deep love for Matt Murdock that she can't let go that makes her a compelling, setting her apart from simply being a sex symbol who kicks everyone's butts. Writers in the last twenty-plus years haven't quite gotten Elektra's personality correct because they have focused on her being an unredeemable, cut-throat killer instead of also exploring the less cold parts of the one-time member of The Hand. It's Elektra's complexity that makes her a badass -- and a smokin' hot one at that!

The reason we're so stunned when Bullseye stabs Elektra to death in DAREDEVIL No. 181 is because the love between Murdock and Elektra is complicated and feels so real and tangible. So it's no surprise that the emotional pain Murdock has over her murder gets us right *there.* Besides Talia al Ghul, Elektra might be the most conflicted Bronze Age character ever.


Here's another femme fatale with a heart of gold, but like Catwoman, she'd never want anybody to know. Just as much as she messes with Marvel heroes' minds, the Enchantresses messes with our sex drive. When drawn by Alan Davis, it's no wonder Thor is tempted by her feminine wiles.

Check back for part two as Cary's Comics Craze lists the next five hottest hotties in the Marvel and DC universes!

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