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Hottest of the hotties in DC, Marvel (part 2: Harley Quinn, Huntress, Jean Grey, Ms. Marvel, Peggy Carter)

Back for more comic-book hotties, I see!

Artist Guillem March created an incredibly sexy, if not iconic,
Harley Quinn for this cover of GOTHAM CITY SIRENS No. 5
(December 2009).
Here is part 2 of my 15 hottest hotties from Marvel and DC. In case you missed the first installment, there was Batgirl, Black Canary, Catwoman, Elektra and Enchantress.

If you're keeping track at home that puts the DC Comics babes up 3-2. The Marvel-ous hotties are about to even it up, but first, two DC characters...

Harley Quinn

Talk about your psychotic ex-girlfriend!

The best incarnation, like Elektra, is the original. There's something sweet about Harley Quinn from "Batman: The Animated Series." She's quite deadly, yet is far more appealing than the bats*** crazy incarnation from DC's New 52 era and beyond.

Granted, the pig-tailed version is cute. My preference of the New 52 Harley Quinn is with blond hair; the blue and red haired version is a bit too scary.

This cutie hams it up for the camera at the Motor City Comic Con in 2014.
Cary's Comics Craze and Phat Daddy's Comics certainly approve!
As far as cosplayers go, there are just as many classic Harleys as there are those from the upcoming "Suicide Squad" film at comic book conventions. The advantage of the movie version is how inexpensive of a costume it seems to be; buy a "Daddy's Lil' Monster" T-shirt, the proper leather jacket, get a baseball bat and find the right up-to-there short-shorts and you're good to go!

This Harley Quinn cosplayer was one of many at the 2016 Motor City Comic Con.
Actress Margot Robbie's Harley is a bit too trashy for my tastes, but that's not to say she rocks those super short-shorts any less. Truthfully, cosplayers love dressing as all versions of Harley and lately I'd have to say I've seen more of the "Sucide Squad" and blond pig-tail incarnations than the animated version.

In the comics, you can't go wrong with GOTHAM CITY SIRENS artist Guillem March and Terry Dotson, who drew a curvy Harley with a perfect bubble-butt in the first HARLEY QUINN ongoing series.


Thigh-high boots never looked so sexy. Unless they're on Jean Grey or Ms. Marvel — and you're in luck because both of those bodacious babes are on this list! In fact, they are the next two!

Huntress by Alex Lei
I've got no issue if Huntress modifies her costume to show more of her tight stomach and even her cleavage. Helena Bertinelli has some of the shapeliest legs in comics, so you go, girl!

What's just as sexy about the leggy brunette is she doesn't take any crap from Batman. And the only thing more powerful than Bertinelli's sex appeal is the punishment she dishes out in a fight. When combined with Barbara Gordon/Batgirl and Black Canary — listed in the first part of this three-part "hottest of the hotties" series — in the Birds of Prey team, you're looking at a trifecta of uber-babes.

Co-creator Joe Staton's original Huntress, Helena Wayne of Earth II, is curvy perfection. Graham Nolan's rendition of the Bertinelli Huntress in the 1990s is a close second. And while she's an animated character, the Huntress in "Justice League Unlimited" is breathtaking.

Jean Grey (aka Phoenix/Dark Phoenix)

Editor's note: Thanks to CCC contributor David Hudson for reminding me I overlooked this magnificent mutant!

Phenomenal powers + a skintight costume + legs that go on forever = Wowzers!

And let's not forget Jean Grey's a redhead. Since attractive redheads are this guy's Kryptonite, it's no wonder the one-time Marvel Girl is one of my choices of the hottest hotties from Marvel and DC. (Keep checking CCC after this series is completed for a post on the three hottest redheads in comics — besides Jean Grey and Batgirl/Barbara Gordon.) 

Marvel Girl by Neal Adams
Jean's choices in boyfriends might be a bit suspect given how sullen Scott Summers often is. But then again, thanks to Cyclops, we nerdy fanboys with glasses who tend to be quiet and misunderstood — not to mention overlooked for cooler, more dangerous guys like Wolverine — have more hope for dating a super-hot redhead!

As Phoenix, not to mention Dark Phoenix, let's face it; Jean Grey is one scary chick. But just like women being with the wrong kind guy, it's tough not to be attracted to an attractive bad girl like Jean.

There's no doubt as to who the best Jean Grey artists are — Dave Cockrum or John Byrne. You can't go wrong with either one. (To hear what classic, longtime X-MEN writer Chris Claremont has to say about working with Cockrum and Byrne, go here.) Of course, Neal Adams draws a great version too.

Ms. Marvel 

In two words — oh my! Call her Warbird or Binary — and Captain Marvel if you must, but Carol Danvers always will be Ms. Marvel to me.

What else can you say about a gorgeous blonde who joined the Air Force and rocks thigh-high boots in high heels and can pull off a sash around her waist?

Without a doubt, George Perez is my go-to Ms. Marvel artist.

Peggy Carter

One name: Hayley Atwell.

One image: Figure-hugging blouses and long pencil skirts. ***Sighs …***

Check back here for the conclusion of my three-part "hottest of the hotties from DC and Marvel" series. Also included will be four honorable mentions who didn't make the cut -- and you might be surprised at how somewhat obscure two of these Marvel heroes are.

And then, Cary's Comics Craze will post an addendum about the three hottest redheads in comics -- aside from Barbara Gordon and Jean Grey. Until then, enjoy the weekend!

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