Friday, June 17, 2016

Actor says making 48-hour film was 'intense, fun'

NORWALK, Ohio — Imagine having to create a movie — from start to finish — in 48 hours.

That’s what filmmakers and their creative teams have to do as part of the international 48 Hour Film project.

A film-short with Huron County-area connections, “Control,” by Gone Fishin' Productions, won the best horror film of 2015. It will “represent Cleveland against all the other city winners around the world at Filmapalooza 2016,” according to

Longtime Norwalk resident Eric Farkas plays a physical education teacher who assaults the main character when he was a youth.

 “He uses his powers on me to get revenge on me,” Farkas said. “It deals with a young man who finds that upon adulthood, he has a psycho-kinetic mind; he can do things with his mind.”

In the 48 Hour Film Project, creative teams are given required elements to be used in the movie. For “Control,” Gone Fishin' Productions was assigned an elementary school teacher to be named James or Janice Broha and the story had to incorporate a woods setting and a saw.
Eric Farkas

“It was intense and fun,” Farkas said about making “Control.”

The actor joked that the cast and crew drank a lot of coffee to get it it all done.

“Luckily, all the personalities gelled,” he said.

An actor for the last 13 years, Farkas originally played “more of the bad guy role” in action movies. 

“Lately, I’ve been doing comedies,” he said.

Farkas was one of four actors in “Control.” Two Huron, Ohio residents were involved in creating the short film: Paul Marcus wrote the music and Chris Bilecki was the writer and director.

On June 9, Farkas attended a film festival in Strongsville. “Control” was one of about 24 film-shorts that was screened. He said there the audience had a positive response, which was especially nice considering the tough competition.

“It came out so well,” Farkas said. “We were like David going up against Goliath.”

EDITOR'S NOTE: This story ran as a front-page feature in the June 16, 2016 issue of the NORWALK REFLECTOR newspaper. CCC blogger Cary Ashby has been a REFLECTOR staff writer since September 2004. He covers the "badge beat" (aka "cops and courts") in the Huron County area plus Berlin Heights and Milan, Ohio and Norwalk City Schools

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