Monday, May 16, 2016

Choked by Vader at Motor City Comic Con 2016

NOVI, Mich. -- So I got choked by Darth Vader.

And of course I had a selfie taken with my actress buddy Jordan Trovillion at this weekend's Motor City Comic Con. (Now that we did our first one at the Wonder Con in Mount Clements, Mich., it's now a convention tradition!) You gotta love when you make it a "date" on social media beforehand and her face brightened up Friday when she came from behind her table, saying "Oh yes! -- our convention tradition!"
This is an exceptional angle a fan took of this requested picture of Darth Vader choking me. (Bucket list, baby!)
Jordan and I didn't get much time to talk shop about "Star Wars," but we did quickly share how much we enjoyed "The Force Awakens" and that we're excited about "Rogue One." And Jordan did gave me a quick hug before I took off -- and left her with a couple guy fans who weren't going anywhere quickly.

She and I have this selfie thing down to a science. Or at least she does; that's why I had her take the picture of us.

For one thing, I know Jordan always wants to stand on my right. (Is that her best side? She's gorgeous; how could she have a "bad" side?!? Anyway...) 

Goofin' with my celebrity buddy, Jordan Trovillion
On the first take, Jordan had the picture just slightly off center, kinda chopping her off. I teased her of course. "Shut up! Retake," she said and smacked my arm.

Then we had two good ones: A standard, smiling selfie and a goofy one. Her crossed eyes (as seen to the left) cracks me up!

Motor City was a busy weekend at Jamie Stewart's Phat Daddy's Comics booth. Friday was a bit slow. Saturday was crazy-busy (as expected) and Sunday was steady. And almost as busy as Saturday.

Give all that, there wasn't a lot of time to take a stroll. If I was away from the booth, I was on a mission: Grabbing some chow, finding out the value of a NEW MUTANTS annual, filling up our water bottles or a quick bathroom break.

There were no less than five Peggy Carter
cosplayers at the 2016 Motor City Comic Con.
But on Sunday before the fans were let in, I did manage to hear one of my favorite inkers, Scott Hannah, give some specific (and hopefully helpful) critiques to an up-and-coming inker's portfolio.

I enjoyed standing there, hearing Hanna talk shop. It's obvious he's passionate about his work and only wants the best for his students. (Apparently he's a teacher, as he mentioned "my students" a few times.) My respect went up for Hanna, who firmly believes his job as an inker isn't to change what the penciler drew, but rather to accentuate it.

Since Jamie paid the big bucks for a corner booth, the Phat Daddy's booth had a lot a traffic. On the business side, that meant we could engage fans in conversation and hopefully get them to stop and shop for Bronze Age comics.

That also meant it was prime place for people-watching (and checking out all the cute girls!!) since we could see fans coming from four directions.

And that means I had plenty of chance to get pics of cosplaying fans.

Naturally, there were a lot of people dressed as Deadpool -- he's been a "con" fave for a while. But the hysterical and exceptional movie which came out Valentine's Day probably inspired a lot more fans than usual.

I lost track of how many young women and teens were dressed as the "Suicide Squad" version of Harley Quinn — complete with up-to-there shorts, "Property of The Joker" baseball jacket and a "Daddy's Little Monster" T-shirt. And a baseball bat!

Other than Deadpool and Harley Quinn, the biggest cosplaying inspiration was Rey from "Star Wars: The Force Awakens." I estimate I saw at least 12 different women -- in different sizes and ages -- dressed as the ultra-awesome scavenger over three days. (I call her "the 'New Hope' for the new "Star Wars" trilogy.) 

Just behind Rey were Kylo Ren cosplayers. And a few went to the convention in pairs.

I was especially pleased to see four SHIELD Agent Peggy Carter cosplayers rockin' the red hat outfit from Season 1. One woman wore Hayley Atwell's World War II outfit from "Captain America: The First Avenger" -- and her curves helped her completely rock that ensemble.

Being a diehard Bowiehead (duh!), I was tickled to see two women dressed as Jareth the Goblin King, the unforgettable role played by the late David Bowie in "Labyrinth." (For my selections on DB's greatest film roles, click here -- part 2 of my "Bowie at his Best" tribute series.)

That's enough chatter from me. Enjoy the best of the pictures I took this weekend ...!

This was the first time I'd seen a fan dressed as Black Panther.
He bought the mask, but made the costume -- down to the clay "teeth." Impressive!

This Captain America was just plain adorable!
This vendor and I walked in together Sunday morning. Ironically, we walked through the exit doors
during the unloading process too. He by far had the most impressive Joker makeup and costume.
My oldest daughter, 12, requested I get pictures of fans dressed as Wonder Woman.
She was the first -- and best -- cosplayer I saw. I really dig her variation of the classic Wonder Woman costume.
I grabbed this picture while the Batmobile was getting some pre-convention love-and care Friday morning.
That's why the hood is up.

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