Wednesday, April 13, 2016

It's the dawn of 'Batman v Superman' memes (see what I did there?)

Even if you haven't seen "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice," you've picked a side.

Fans are either Team Batman or Superman. Even casual fans usually have a distinct preference for one of the iconic superheroes over the other. 

The photo of I posted here on the right tells you where I stand. Regardless of being a lifelong Batman fan, I still say it's a shame Superman doesn't get properly respected in "Dawn of Justice" -- as I wrote in my no-spoiler review. 

This choosing of sides and is a natural human tendency of life's ying and yang, as I see it. You're either right-brained (creative) or left-brained (more logical), an extrovert or an introvert, a better math and/or science student or you prefer English, a social butterfly or more a loner, a John Lennon fan or a Paul McCartney one, etc. ... OK, I'm kinda kidding with that last one, but you get my drift.

In the comic book world, fans are either all about Batman or Superman.

As more and more promotional photos were released for "Dawn of Justice" (a name I still prefer over "Batman v Superman"), I was inspired to make memes based on the movie. And when the trailers came out, not only did I review them, that footage also inspired me to create more memes.

I'm certain this is fan art of Ben Affleck as Batman since it started making the rounds online so early,
but either way it's a great and unforgettable image of the Dark Knight.
Without further ado, enjoy these memes. If you like any of them, share them; just give credit where credit's due: Cary's Comics Craze. 

Consider writing a comment about why you like a particular meme at the end of this gallery and I'll reply as soon as I can. If you want to talk shop about the movie, let's do that too!
I created this meme shortly after the second trailer, which I've called "She with you?" -- based on
the quips by Batman and then Superman after Wonder Woman's first appearance.
You can read my speculation-filled review by clicking here.

This meme came to life after I heard Ben Affleck (whose casting I loved since late August 2013!)
had signed a multi-film contract to play Batman. This was my way of telling the haters to "get over it and deal with it."
And with the buzz -- which the Warner Bros. CEO just confirmed Tuesday night -- that Affleck has written
and will direct a solo Batflick, there's no doubt Batfleck will be in a whole mess of films over the next bunch of years.
When director Zack Snyder released a mysterious 49-second clip in late November, the Internet
and social media went rampant with speculating on what it all meant. I did the same
-- and created these two memes of course! (I throw out some wild ideas in my Dec. 1 post.)


  1. Isn't that first pic from Arkham Origins?

    1. It could be. I don't know where it's from; I just started seeing it when Ben Affleck was announced to be Batman and I assumed (maybe wrongly) it was fan art of Affleck as Batman. If you found out where it's from, LMK.