Monday, April 25, 2016

Bucket list, baby!: The Cavs sweep the Pistons

AUBURN HILLS, Mich. -- So that happened.

So this happened -- but there's no need for a Game 6!
Or even Game 5; the Cavs got out the brooms Sunday night.
By "that," I mean witnessing the close-out game of a NBA playoff series. Yup, I went to The Palace of Auburn Hills -- a fine facility by anyone's standards -- and saw a killer Game 4 between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Detroit Pistons on Sunday night.

The 2 1/2-hour road trip was a game-time decision. Literally!

Earlier in the weekend, I had been contemplating going to the game. Even though it was money I shouldn't spend, I didn't have anything else to do.

But I had to think about it. As Friday turned to later Saturday, the desire to see the game in person was just as strong as it first was.

So I pulled the trigger. At 4:15 p.m. Sunday -- for an 8:30 game!

And I snagged a killer deal! On, I found a single ticket for a base price of $27. So with the online fees, I paid $34 and change. (On the afternoon of a NBA playoff game!)

Even when I count in the amount to go to and from on the Ohio Turnpike ($7 total) and the very reasonable $15 for parking -- at The Palace! -- and considering my car gets killer mileage on the interstate, all in all it wasn't that expensive of a night.

Think about it: How often would I have the opportunity to see my team (the Cavs) in the NBA Playoffs during a road game that was a reasonable drive away? And in a top-notch facility, no less!

To top all that off, I was pretty confident the Cavs were going to win to take the series of the first round of the playoffs.

And sure enough, the Pistons gave Cleveland everything they could handle, but the Cavs came out on top with a 100-98 win -- which came down to the last shot!

What a finish! What a game!

What an experience.

Bucket list, baby!

Come back to CCC for another post with some random thoughts and observations on the game, crowd and in-game entertainment. But I'm riding on fumes; I'm in serious need of sleep.

To get "just the facts," click on each link for these news stories of Sunday's game:

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