Thursday, March 24, 2016

Viva WW Cosplay talks about impact of Lynda Carter, why she cosplays (exclusive interview, Part 3)

Cary's Comics Craze is wrapping up its three-part, exclusive interview with my favorite Wonder Woman cosplayer, Viva WW Cosplay.

Viva (whose real identity remains secret!) is a classy fan who, as I say, "does cosplay right."
Channel 3 in Las Vegas named Viva WW Cosplay a local hero and in February,
aired a segment on the volunteer work she does. Here Viva visits with kids at
the Children's Hospital of Nevada.
Collage courtesy of the VIVA WW COSPLAY Facebook page

With her non-profit organization, Heartfelt Heroes, the Las Vegas woman spends a lot of time doing service-oriented "volunteer superhero work like visiting children in hospitals (and) doing crafts with kids in shelters." Viva also reads to elementary school students.

All while in costume! How cool is THAT!

The kids whom Viva WW Cosplay and other cosplayers visit at hospitals have massive smiles on their visits. What a great service they provide. Helping kids and brightening their days makes them true superheroes.

Needless to say -- and you know I can never turn down a good (or groan-worthy) pun, Viva puts the wonderful in Wonder Woman.

For this last part of this exclusive interview, Viva WW Cosplay shares how Lynda Carter's unforgettable TV Wonder Woman made an impact on her and what's most fulfilling about cosplay.

Viva WW Cosplay does a photo shoot near the Bellagio in Las Vegas.
Photo courtesy of the VIVA WW COSPLAY Facebook page
Cary's Comics Craze: Are there particular people who made an impact on as you a fan? What specific experiences — films, TV shows and/or comic book projects — had or continue to have an influence on you? 

Viva WW Cosplay: "Lynda Carter's portrayal of Wonder Woman has definitely been the biggest influence on me since I was very young. I loved that Wonder Woman was a genuine, kind and nurturing woman but could also be a fierce and confident hero as well. I've been a fan ever since."

Cosplay done right! Viva WW Cosplays reads to
elementary-age students during Nevada Reading Week.
Photo courtesy of the HEARTFELT HEROES Facebook page
CCC: Why did you choose cosplay as the best way to express yourself? 

Viva: "I've been making costumes for family and friends for years, so it came natural to use my love for Wonder Woman and my ability to create authentic looking costumes to try to make a difference in the the lives of children in need. I created my charity, Heartfelt Heroes in the hope of continuing my charity work on a larger scale."

CCC: What is it about cosplay that you find most exciting and fulfilling? 

Viva: "Without a doubt the most fulfilling part of cosplay for me is getting to be a character I've loved since childhood, while at the same time getting to bring happiness to children facing very difficult challenges."

Want to hear more from the ultra cool and stop-your-breath gorgeous Viva Cosplay? ... Duh. Of course you do!

In Part One of her interview with Cary's Comics Craze, she shares why "seeing Wonder Woman on screen for the first time (in 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice') is extremely important to both DC characters" and fangirls.
Heartfelt Heroes spread the love and have fun doing service work.
Collage courtesy of the HEARTFELT HEROES Facebook page

In  Part Two, Viva talks about what makes Wonder Woman iconic and why she's a great role model for women of all ages. Enjoy!

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