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Viva WW Cosplay shares what makes Wonder Woman iconic (exclusive interview, Part 2)

I know you're not supposed to pick favorites.

Viva WW Cosplay makes her Wonder Woman costumes.
Besides the classic costume (No. 4), she has created such variations as Valentine's Day (No 1),
the New 52 (No. 5) and Halloween-zombie (No. 6).
Which one is your favorite? Make a comment below this post.
Collage courtesy of the Viva WW Cosplay Facebook page  
But I'm going to make an exception in the case of Viva WW Cosplay.

She's my favorite Wonder Woman cosplayer.

Even beyond the fact she's nothing short of stop-in-your-shoes gorgeous and looks like the greatest Wonder Woman I've seen in comics (George Perez, I'm looking at you, bud!), Viva does cosplay right.

Her Facebook page and Instagram are full of pictures her doing service-oriented volunteer work through the non-profit organization Heartfelt Heroes.

I'll let Heartfelt Heroes speak for itself. On its Facebook page, the non-profit group says it's "dedicated to all kinds of volunteer superhero work like visiting children in hospitals, doing crafts with kids in shelters and reading books to children in elementary schools while dressed up as superheroes. HH also makes personalized superhero capes for special children all across the country and serves as volunteers in lots of other charitable endeavors."
Absolutely, I'll be yours! Who wouldn't?!
Viva WW Cosplay rocks a Valentine's Day-themed
Wonder Woman costume she created and wore for her volunteer event
with Heartfelt Heroes at a women's and children's shelter.
Photo courtesy of the Viva WW Cosplay Facebook page

So is it any, uh, wonder, I always say Viva WW Cosplay and her fellow volunteers know how to do cosplay right?

In this, the second part of Cary's Comics Craze's three-part, exclusive interview with Viva, the Las Vegas-based cosplayer talks about her favorite character, Wonder Woman, why she's an icon and what makes her such a great role model. Viva also shares the other characters which she cosplays. (Her Princess Leia from the original "Star Wars" film is one of my favorites — just awesome!)

Cary's Comics Craze: What do you find most appealing about Wonder Woman? Why is she a good role model for girls of all ages? 

Viva WW Cosplay (whose true identity remains a secret!): "There's so much I love about Wonder Woman.

Viva WW Cosplay shares the kind spirit of Wonder Woman
by taking a photo with this young fan.
Photo courtesy of the Viva WW Cosplay Facebook page
"She is a woman with so many layers; she's beautiful, kind and smart, but she's also a strong and confident warrior capable of holding her own with anyone. When I think about what she means to me personally she's a symbol of peace and strength and a reminder that strength of character is just as important as physical might we possess.

"Wonder Woman is an icon and proof that anything is possible if the will to succeed exists and all of those things are great examples of why she's a good role model for girls of any age."

CCC: Why did you decide to focus on Wonder Woman as your cosplay choice? 

Viva: "As I said I've always loved Wonder Woman and I feel I have some similar characteristics that she possesses such as hair and eye color, so she was the natural, as well as (she's my) preferred choice."

Viva WW Cosplay is just as striking and sexy
as the Marvel Comics assassin Elektra
as when she's cosplaying as her favorite character,
Wonder Woman.
Photo courtesy of the Viva WW Cosplay Facebook page
CCC: What other characters do you dress as? Since you cosplay as Wonder Woman most of the time, what goes into the decision to choose one super heroine or villain over another? 

Viva: "I've cosplayed Supergirl, Ms. Marvel, Elektra, Huntress, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy and some others. I take pride in all my costumes since I make them myself. As for what goes into playing one character over another, I just try and have fun and represent a character well as I always say 'everything is better in costume.'"

Want to hear more from Viva WW Cosplay? That's a dumb question; of course you do!

Come back to Cary's Comics Craze for the third — and sadly, final — part of my exclusive interview with Viva when she talks about how Lynda Carter's TV "Wonder Woman" hooked her into being a fan and why Viva chose to start cosplaying.

Viva's not the only who loves Lynda Carter! Nearly five years ago, at the original online home of CCC, I chose Carter as one of "the most legendary superhero actors ever."

Also, in an updated version of that op-ed in October, CCC chose Carter as one of eight "legendary casting decisions" that "are so unforgettable is that it’s hard to imagine anyone else playing those same roles."
Help me, Viva WW Cosplay, you're my only hope!
Photo courtesy of the Viva WW Cosplay Facebook page
But you want even more of CCC's interview with Viva WW Cosplay?!? Silly me — of course you do!

In Part One, Viva shares the overall importance/significance of Wonder Woman finally (!) making her first big-screen appearance in "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice." (What took Hollywood so long anyway?! More than 70 years — really?!?) 

Viva also talks about why Wonder Woman's role in "Dawn of Justice" is "key to the success and acceptance of the character in the future" (no spoilers — I promise!) and what other actress may have been a good choice. 

Viva WW Cosplay gets her sexy on (again!) as she shows off the star-spangled
burlesque skirt for her Wonder Woman costume.
Photo courtesy of the Viva WW Cosplay Facebook page

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