Thursday, March 10, 2016

'Underoos!': Reviewing the second 'Captain America: Civil War' trailer

"This job — we try to save as many people as we can. … Sometimes that doesn't mean everybody. … But you don't give up." — Steve Rogers/Captain America

"I was wrong about you; the whole world was wrong about you." — Tony Stark

As if I weren't excited enough about "Captain America: Civil War," Marvel Studios dropped the second trailer today.

And I thought the first footage was great! 

My one-word review?! Wow.

The second trailer clarifies some assumptions we fans might have made about what happens in "Civil War."

As an extension of Tony Stark's dialogue in "Avengers: Age of Ultron" about putting armor around the world, he firmly believes superheroes need "to be put in check" — some sort of supervision.

Who is held responsible for the massive collateral damage and destruction from "Marvel's The Avengers," "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" and "Avengers: Age of Ultron"? Obviously, Stark and the government think the Avengers — in this case, Cap and Co. — should be.

This brings Stark in conflict with the ideology of Steve Rogers, who just like his comic-book Captain America counterpart, isn't willing to step away from a problem he knows needs addressing. No matter the cost.

That's the sign of a true hero — one who is compelled to do to the right thing when it's the difficult thing to do and many people won't agree with the decision. Rogers is nothing less than a man of strong moral fiber. So doing the tough thing in equally tough circumstances is nothing new to the Super Soldier; that is the essence of Captain America.

Throughout the conflict, Black Widow sees Stark is in a dangerous position and tells him he's "not the only one who needs to watch his back."

I'm still stunned and puzzled to know Natasha Romanoff is on Team Stark/Team Iron Man. Having said that, I firmly believe Black Widow will switch sides to support the man to whom she's emotionally closer and worked with in S.H.I.E.L.D., Steve Rogers. After all, judging from the first trailer, it doesn't seem like Natasha is completely on-board with Stark.

Seeing Black Widow kick ass is one of the highlights of the second trailer. We also see that Scarlet Witch will be using her magic — soon to be explained apparently — against Vision.

Needless to say, Winter Soldier kicks plenty of ass, too!

His hand-to-hand combat scene with Stark (wearing a nifty Iron Man glove) is pretty sweet. I can't imagine the choreography the actors had to remember to do that scene. The truth is Stark couldn't come close to beating Bucky Barnes. …

Taking on Black Panther is a toss-up. The Barnes/Winter Soldier-Black Panther fight will be an amazing one to watch onscreen!

(And for the record, this trailer indicates it's Black Panther chasing Barnes — something that wasn't terribly clear in the first round of footage.)

Barnes is just as dangerous as ever. He might be fighting on the side of angels — naturally allying himself with his lifelong best friend on Team Cap — but he hasn't lost his sharp-shooter skills.

Winter Soldier takes down War Machine; the footage somewhat implies he may have intended to shoot Iron Man out of the sky, but instead, War Machine is a collateral and accidental victim.

The biggest question then remains is was it a killshot? Jim Rhodes could very well die, but I doubt it. Marvel has a terrible tradition of dramatically killing off a hero onscreen — only to not let the dead stay dead. Grade: A

The Big Reveal here is Spider-Man.

Spidey's costume is, in many ways, closer to the comics than the previous movie versions. The webbing is much more subtle and certainly doesn't have the same texture.

The most minor variation is at the boots and down the arms while the color scheme/shades of blue and red are much more true to the comic-book Spidey than Tobey Maguire or Andrew Garfield's. For the record, the design of this Spider-Man costume is far superior to Garfield's — especially the first costume.

But check out the eyes! Notice how the outlines get darker (as seen above) or thinner depending on Spidey's expression and what he's saying. That's very much in line with what artists have done in the comics for decades.

What I dig the most is how the costume designers decided to stay away from the overly wide eye-holes. (I never was a fan …!) This eye shape obviously is designed and inspired by the drawings of the ultimate Spider-Man artists, Steve Ditko and especially John Romita.

Actor Tom Holland, 19, will play Peter Parker closer to the high-schooler he is in the early comics. His voice is a teenager's, but his body doesn't match. Spidey is much too muscular to be in high school. We'll see; I may change my mind the more I see of him in "Civil War." Grade: B+

Regardless, seeing Spider-Man hold Cap's shield is a killer way to end this trailer. And you gotta love how Stark calls him "Underoos"!

Just as with the Black Widow, I fully expect Spidey to switch allegiances to Team Cap. (And how could the writers overlook the potential comedic moments of ol' Webhead getting geeky and awkward, not mention being awestruck, being around such veteran superheroes — especially the Living Legend of World War II?) After all, "Civil War" is a Captain America movie …!

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