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Cosplayer 'definitely excited' about Wonder Woman in 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice' (exclusive interview, Part 1)

Finally! Comic book fans will see Wonder Woman make her first film appearance.

Unless you're a fan who has been hiding under a rock, "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" is making its premiere Friday in theaters everywhere.
Viva WW Cosplay recently asked her Facebook followers to choose between two Wonder Woman
costumes she made — the one inspired by "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" (left) and the classic one.
Which one do you like the best and why? Write a comment in the section below!
(That's a "finally!" situation too, as the March 25 release date is the third for "Dawn of Justice" — this most recent one was to avoid a day-to-day showdown with "Captain America: Civil War." For more about CCC's take on "Dawn of Justice," click here; "Civil War" op-eds have been gathered here. Certainly read those posts; just make sure you come back to this page!)

Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman is armed and ready for battle in
"Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice."
The word is that Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman steals the movie. 

In an exclusive interview with Cary's Comics Craze, the classy — not to mention drop-dead gorgeous — Viva WW Cosplay shares her thoughts about one of comics' most recognizable super heroines getting the big-screen treatment. This is the first part of a three-part interview with the Las Vegas-based cosplayer.

CCC: What do you think of the decision of including Wonder Woman in "Dawn of Justice"?

"I'm definitely excited to see Wonder Woman in 'Dawn of Justice.' It's an opportunity for me to finally see the hero I love introduced to to a new generation on the largest platform possible. At the same time it gives longtime fans the chance to hopefully see Wonder Woman get some of attention and recognition I think she deserves," said Viva, whose real identity will remain secret. (Who says just superheroes can have secret identities?!?)

Viva WW Cosplay holds a sword created by
Power Loader Cosplay. She's a wearing a costume she created.
Photo courtesy of the Viva WW Cosplay Facebook page
CCC: "Dawn of Justice" is the first time we'll see Wonder Woman on the big screen. How important is this — for female DC characters and fangirls/women interested in superhero flicks?

Viva WW Cosplay: "Seeing Wonder Woman on screen for the first time is extremely important to both DC characters and girls interested in comic book movies.

"Wonder Woman is a cornerstone of DC and the most iconic female hero in comics, thus the impression she creates with her fist major motion picture appearance is key to the success and acceptance of the character in the future.

"If Wonder Woman does well (in "Dawn of Justice" and her June 23, 2017 solo film), she will gain a great deal of positive exposure and create opportunities for sequels as well as provide the opportunity for her to be introduced to people of today's culture who may not be familiar with, or have otherwise learned about her. If however, Wonder Woman's appearance is received negatively, it will no doubt effect future proposed project as well as her perception to the girls of today's culture for such an iconic character success in her first big screen appearance in extremely pivotal."

Viva WW Cosplay is all smiles after getting this
custom-made cosplay sword made by Power Loader Cosplay.
Photo courtesy of the Viva WW Cosplay Facebook page
In December 2013, Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment announced Gadot would be playing Wonder Woman. Naturally on the original online home of CCC, yours truly shared his toughts on the casting decision.

Now it's Viva's turn to address alternate casting possibilities.

CCC: What actresses could have been cast and why? What would they have offered? 

Viva WW Cosplay: "I think Jamie Alexander would have been a good choice to play Wonder Woman. Jamie has some of Wonder Woman's characteristics, like light eyes and dark hair and she also expressed a great desire to want to play the role."

Come back to CCC for Part 2 of my interview with Viva in which she shares why Wonder Woman is a great role model for females of all ages and why Viva always says "everything is better in costume."

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