Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

It's hard to believe 2015 is already gone.

Where did it go? Time has flown — and if I weren't writing this on the fly, I might have compiled a list of my favorite nerdy stuff and events from this year. (But if you're interested in checking out any of my previous posts, just click on the month on the right hand side of this page and that will list everything from that month. Since this is the beginning of the year, you first will have to click on the year and then follow the aforementioned instructions. You may also scroll down the main page, which shows the seven most recent posts.) 

I won't bore you with that — but I will say two of the highlights were "Star Wars"-related: Volunteering at the "Star Wars Reads" event at my local library was exhausting, but a good time. I elso enjoyed becoming one with the Force as I got ready for "The Force Awakens," which included watching and reviewing (most) of the entire six-film saga.

And while time ran out for me to write a review of "Return of the Jedi," I did get inspired to post a few "Star Wars"-related items I didn't expect. (A drinking game anyone? Or how about all the sexual innuendos in the rescue of Princess Leia/trash compact and Battle of Yavin IV scenes from the first film!?! I also compiled my favorite lines from "A New Hope" and "The Empire Strikes Back." And that's just a few of the unexpected posts I was inspired to write …!) 

When I was writing CCC as my twice-monthly column in the NORWALK REFLECTOR newspaper, I would wrap up each year with the highlights of fandom. In a couple sentences, I'd re-review comic books, trade paperbacks, animated projects and films I'd covered during the year (and a few I hadn't had a chance to get in print).
Anyway, please have a safe and happy New Year's Eve and Day and certainly all of 2016. Listen to your better inner judgment if you're out partying.

After all, there are a lot of nerdy things to look forward to this year. Just in film, there's (in no certain order) "Deadpool," a little something called "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice," "Star Trek Beyond," "X-Men Apocalypse," "Suicide Squad" and of course, the third "Avengers" movie — I mean, "Captain America: Civil War." (And in case you didn't realize it, there are links on the name each of those flicks — except for "Star Trek Beyond," which has an interesting teaser trailer but leaves me guessing as to what it's all about.) 

 Have a great 2016. Make the most of it.

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