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What does the new 'Batman v Superman' footage possibly mean?

Intriguingly, the newest footage from "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" isn't a trailer at all; it's a 49-second sequence with no dialogue that prompts more questions than answers anything.

What does it all mean?

Why is Batman chained up? Has he been taken there by force? Or has the Dark Knight been kidnapped? And why in all that is good in Krypton is Superman being so aggressive?
GIF courtesy of Comic Book Resources

Here is some wild speculation from your neighborhood-friendly comic-book blogger. I have no idea if I'm accurate — and I don't want to know! — but it sure is fun trying to put the pieces together. Even if I don't have nearly enough of the puzzle.

First of all, it seems pretty obvious Batman doesn't know where he is when he regains consciousness. He doesn't recognize where he is at the very least.

The Dark Knight locks in, concentrates and then studies his surroundings, realizing he's not the only captive in this dungeon-like area — and that's when he seems to hear something. … (0:02-0:10)

That's when Superman lands. (0:11-0:13)

Here's the weirdest part of the footage: The soldiers on either side of the wall automatically bow to Superman.

And get this: the Man of Steel acts as if this is no big deal. Say wha —?! (0:14-0:16)

Superman then walks directly to Batman. Keep in mind there's no dialogue, so it's impossible to know why he's here or what's happened beforehand. (0:20-:025)

There's a stare-down between the two heroes. No love here whatsoever!

Superman just seems to spew hate with the way actor Henry Cavill stares at Batman. This is very uncharacteristic of the Man of Steel. (0:26-0:29)

At the 30-second mark, Superman reaches forward and pulls off Batman's mask, revealing Ben Affleck. And if looks could kill …! (0:30-0:34)

Superman then sneers at the Batman mask in his hand. He seems to despise it as much as he does the man standing before him. (0:35-0:37)

Without any context, it's hard to discern what the situation is. But one thing is certain: This short sequence is full of tension — very much putting the "versus" in the "Batman v Superman" title.

Here are the questions I have — and the logical speculation I've made based on everything we've seen so far:

  • What led to Batman being captured? Was he subdued or kidnapped somewhere else and then brought to this dungeon?
  • Judging from footage from the first "Dawn of Justice" trailer, I assume Batman has been here. Or at least was. Remember how the Dark Knight took down multiple soldiers in the desert? (In the dungeon scene, he's wearing the same costume from that fight sequence.) Batman either tracked down this area and then is captured or he is captured and then, having freed himself is forced to battle his way through the soldiers. (Here's my review/analysis of that trailer.)
  • This hero-worship of Superman bothersome. As I just said, this is unlike the Man of Steel. It's obvious the soldiers have been trained to bow down to Superman upon sight. The Man of Steel wouldn't advocate this if he were it his choice. Which brings me to my next point …
    Kneel before Superman?!
    Notice the "S" shield on the arms of the soldiers' uniforms. What's up with that?
    (GIF courtesy of Superherohype.com)
  • With such a hateful look in his eyes, it seems Superman is under mind control. In fact, he seems to be ultra-focused, as if he is on a mission. (My biggest suspect is Jesse Eisenberg's Lex Luthor. Did he send Supes to confront his prisoner?) 
  • Superman may not respect Batman or his methods in this "Dawn of Justice" world, but I can't imagine Supes would outright despise the Dark Knight (as seen in Cavill's expression). This leads me to believe the soldiers are pawns in whatever slimy plans Luthor has.
  • Could it be that Batman came to this desert military base (assuming it's Luthor's base) to track down Luthor and/or Superman? If so, the Dark Knight could already have determined Luthor is using the Man of Steel for his own purposes and came to "rescue" Supes and/or stop Luthor, only to be captured himself. Or was this scenario one that Luthor anticipated from the start?
    Batman (Ben Affleck) fights masked soldiers in the desert in this screenshot from
    the first full trailer of "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice."
    Notice each trooper has a patch with the "S" shield on it.
  • The seemingly Big Reveal of Affleck's Bruce Wayne as Batman might not be as huge as it may seem. Superman could be leering at the captured hero because he might have assumed or figured out Wayne and Batman are one and the same. His look of disgust could be a reflection of having his suspicion being confirmed. And Superman's disgust of what Batman is and/or symbolizes.
  • Assuming Luthor is behind all this, he could have ordered Superman to unmask Batman so he could find out what his secret identity is.
  • We all know Batman/Bruce Wayne is the smartest person in the DC Universe. (At least Batman fans do. And Lex Luthor just thinks he's smarter than everyone else.) Superman fans, let me make one point: If Luthor has made him his puppet, how smart can the Man of Steel really be if he lets himself be the victim of mind control? Or even Luthor's manipulation?
  • Back to the Big Reveal. Could Wayne be so smart, knowledgable and well prepared he would know to line his cowl with lead to keep Superman from using his X-ray vision to see who's under the mask? I'm definitely Team Batman, but it's extremely doubtful. 
No matter what I think, you think or we all think we know about the circumstances of this mysterious scenario, Batman. Is. Pissed after being unmasked.

Singer Jim Croce makes a great point in his classic tune "Bad Bad Leroy Brown": "You don't tug on Superman's cape."

And just like it's a bad idea to "spit in the wind," you don't unmask Batman either!

Grade: A-

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  1. It's a dream sequence. Bruce is having a nightmare about Superman becoming a tyrant.