Monday, November 9, 2015

Hangin' with 'Comic Book Men' -- and bonding over 'Star Wars'

MOUNT CLEMENS, Mich. -- When you get some time to chat with half of the crew of the TV series "Comic Book Men," you gotta talk shop.

So after Ming Chen and Mike Zapcic took some pics with Jamie Stewart and me at Jamie's Phat Daddy's Comics & Collectibles booth Saturday at the Fantasticon, I asked Zapcic what comic book titles he collects or reads.

Thanks to the artist at the table next to us for grabbing this picture of us!
"I'm into team titles -- like THE NEW TEEN TTANS, THE AVENGERS," he said. "I also like NIGHTWING."

I told him I really dig Scott Daniel's run on NIGHTWING. Zapcic gave me the fanboy nod as if to say "me too."

Apparently, Chen also is into team books.
Early in the day, he and Zapcic came to the Phat Daddy booth and Chen bought an issue of THE WEST COAST AVENGERS for $1. (I was wandering the floor at the time, but Jamie said the two guys promised they would come by the booth later. And true to their word, they did return when things calmed down! Two very cool, down-to-earth guys, BTW.)

Mike Zapcic (left) and Ming Chen hold copies of AMAZING
Nos. 121-122 (the death of Gwen Stacy).
Issue 122 is signed by Stan Lee and Jamie Stewart was selling
the issues as a pair for $1,250.
Chen actually gave Jamie $2 for issue 2, so when he returned to the booth later that afternoon, Jamie -- being the man of integrity he is -- told Chen he could grab another issue since they were $1 each. (And yup, it was another early issue of WEST COAST AVENGERS; when I went to their table to chat with he and Zapcic, I told Chen I was glad to hear he was reading WCA -- a very enjoyable series.)

So after the pair's initial visit (and when they didn't have a line), I walked over to chat with them.

"Mike, you shaved your goatee," I told Zapcic.

Having been asked when he did it, Zapcic said he did it several weeks ago, soon after his father died. I told him I can remember the age of my facial hair as I started growing my goatee when my now-ex-wife and I were on the verge of separating. (So aside from once when I shaved it, about six years ago, if you're following at home. LOL)

Who knew I would bond/connect with one of the "Comic Book Men" over the loss of our fathers and facial hair? 

Speaking of bonding ...: Actress Jordan Trovillion, host of the TV show "Comics Continuum," bonded over our mutual love for "Star Wars." (Like Zapcic, I asked her what gets her geeked.)

Jordan Trovillion was nice enough to take this selfie with me after we talked
quite a bit about "Star Wars." I made her take it since I said "you girls know how
to do selfies much better than we guys do."
"You get on this side," she said, getting us arranged in front of her table. See what I mean?
When I was wandering the floor, I was in the artists' row and saw her at her table.

Since she had a sign basically saying "it's all good" to ask her who she is, I did. And Jordan told me; she had a small part as the Goodwill cashier in "Jack Reacher," starring Tom Cruise and another film (that I can't remember the name of!) in which she had some scenes with John Leguizamo.

Once she mentioned "Star Wars," it was on! Jordan and I talked for quite a while. She looooved my two memes I made of dual images of Han and Leia. (One that made Jordan say "you're going to make me cry -- complete with fanning herself is below.) We both agree it's great to see Carrie Fisher's age and look as she should.

Later, I wrote down Jordan's last name so I could remember it. I asked for confirmation of her being the "hostess" of "Comics Continuum."

Her response had me belly-laughing: "Hostess is a snack cake; a host is a job." Completely unscripted, but hysterical -- not to mention memorable!

Needless to say, I'm quite glad I stopped by her table and asked her who she is. Jordan is as genuine and sweet as she is gorgeous.

So stop by her table at your next "con" and chat her up! You'll be glad you did.

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