Wednesday, October 28, 2015

New London author to publish second part of her 'Journey' trilogy (exclusive interview)

EDITOR'S NOTE: This newspaper feature was published in today's NORWALK REFLECTOR, where Cary's Comics Craze blogger/webmaster Cary Ashby works as a full-time reporter and a sports correspondent. 

NORWALK, Ohio — New London author Holly Chapin’s “journey” to write her second novel took her half the time as her first one.

Holly Chapin
JOURNEY OF COMMITMENT: PROMISES KEPT comes out in a couple weeks. It’s available on Amazon, Kindle and outskirts

Chapin wrote JOURNEY OF COMMITMENT in about two months.

“It takes about eight months to get a copyright,” she said. “The writing is the fun part — the easy part.” 

Her second novel continues the story of Bethany, the main character in AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY: NEW BEGINNINGS. Published in November 2014, it took Chapin about four months to write.

“It’s a romantic suspense,” Chapin said.

The New London woman took some time to discuss the plot of AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY and what happens to Bethany.

“She is a runaway from a cult family. She runs into someone she falls in love with and it’s their adventure of how they handle life,” Chapin said. “She gets kidnapped; they have to rescue her.”

Halfway into writing AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY, the author knew she had to write a follow-up.

“Otherwise it was going to be (like a) Diana Galbadon (novel) and it would 1,000 pages long,” the soft-spoken Chapin said.

In JOURNEY OF COMMITMENT, someone is trying to kill Bethany.

“The cult leader has an attachment to Bethany and wants to marry her,” said Chapin, who believes it’s important for characters to grow and develop.

A real-life chance encounter resulted in the new author finding the perfect model to be Bethany on the cover of AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY.

Chapin’s husband, Neil, was in a Wellington antique store when he saw Taylor Gottwald, a Lorain County Community College student, walk into the shop. He immediately called his wife.

“He said, ’I just found Bethany,’” Chapin recalled.

With Gottwald being five feet tall, the author said the college student is perfect for Bethany, whose nickname is “Little One.” Chapin said she had tried using a modeling agency, but the cost was prohibitive.

“She’s a cute little girl (who) goes to LCCC,” the author added.

So last fall, Neil Chapin photographed Gottwald walking on the Chenango Road railroad tracks in Wakeman Township. Her back is to the camera.

“He’s always been really good at photography,” said Holly Chapin, who likes the perspective of the model walking down the tracks, going on a path that doesn’t seem to have an ending point.

Chapin has always enjoyed writing.

“I was told I was pretty good at it,” said Chapin, who believes her mother’s letter-writing inspired her. 

During the Great Depression, Chapin’s mother and her father wrote letters to each other when they moved to Detroit.

“My mother liked to write. My mother would write a lot of letters,” she said.

Chapin is working on the third part of her trilogy, JOURNEY OF MIRACLES: TREASURED MOMENTS.

“I have it all worked out; I even know how it’s going to end,” she said.

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