Thursday, October 29, 2015

Huron County Sheriff's Office fleet anointed, prayed over for safety (feature)

EDITOR'S NOTE: This feature, written by Cary's Comics Craze blogger/webmaster Cary Ashby, was published in Wednesday's NORWALK REFLECTOR newspaper.

NORWALK, Ohio — The fleet of the Huron County Sheriff’s Office received a blessing and was the subject of prayer Tuesday.
The Rev. Anthony Recker anoints sheriff's cruisers and sport
utility vehicles with holy water.

Two pastors prayed about the safe usage of each vehicle and the safety of the deputies who use the cruisers and sport utility vehicles.

The Rev. Anthony Recker, of St. Mary’s and St. Anthony’s Catholic churches, used THE BOOK OF BLESSINGS and prayers for community service and civic authorities. St. Mary’s is a Norwalk church while St. Anthony’s is in Milan.

“In the Catholic understanding, everything is called to be blessed, especially those who serve the community. It’s God’s blessing for his protection of the sheriff and his deputies,” said Recker, who had never blessed law-enforcement vehicles before.

After the priest anointed the vehicles with holy water, the Rev. Doug Winner, of Trinity United Methodist Church in Sandusky, offered a prayer. He has been the chaplain for the sheriff’s office for four years. Winner was serving at Grace United Methodist Church in Willard when he was named to the position.
Photo courtesy of the Huron County Sheriff's Office

“This is a very touching thing for Lt. (Terry) Shean to do to protect and support the deputies who drive these vehicles,” Sheriff Dane Howard said.

“Terry Shean came up with the idea. … I thought it was a great idea,” the sheriff continued. “Faith is an integral part of how I try to live my life.”

This is first time in Howard’s 30-year law-enforcement career that he’d seen a fleet being anointed although he had heard about it happening in other agencies.

“It’s a non-typical move,” the sheriff said. “The reality is I’ll take all the help I can get.”

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