Friday, September 25, 2015

Redskins lose ugly to Giants

Age-old rivalry with momentum on the line. Same ol' Redskins.

Poor play by the special teams (a safety no less off a blocked punt!), no pass rush, quarterback Kirk Cousins throwing a costly interception early in the game (that very nearly could have been a pick-six!), too many penalties, not enough offense — all ugly. To make it even uglier, the Deadskins didn't get their first first down until about 15 seconds left in the first quarter.

It's no wonder the 'Skins were down an embarrassing 12-0 to the New York Giants (who were 0-2 coming into the game) at the end of one period Thursday.

With 6 yards of total offense until that first down, Washington didn't start moving the ball until Cousins regularly handed the ball off to Matt Jones, a stud among running backs. (At least he was during last week's win against the St. Louis Rams, when he ran for 124 yards and two touchdowns!) At least the Redskins got 3 points on the board with a 34-yard field goal.

Note to Washington's staff: Cousins doesn't settle in well by starting a big game passing. Or in any game, actually. That's a recipe for disaster.

As I said in my breakdown of the Redskins' "quarterback clusterf**k" before the regular season started, when Cousins throws a pick, it rattles him and likely will lead to another interception. He doesn't have the intestinal fortitude to shake off picks.

And no, I don't believe any of the fans or talking sportheads who say this is a different Cousins this year. It's the same crap we've seen before; he's streaky and inconsistent.

The 'Skins have a two-headed beast in Jones and veteran RB Alfred Morris— not that they showed much of that Thursday. Another note to the coaches: If you have the talent, use it!

The best game plan to start the Giants game would have been to give New York a steady dose of smash-mouth Washington football. But instead, Cousins started throwing. UGH!

If that's completely obvious to me as an armchair quarterback who covers high school football, why isn't it obvious to Washington coaches?!? Sheees!

I will give some credit to Cousins — but only some. He showed a nice ability to scramble out of pressure and out of the pocket during the second drive of the second quarter. And he also hit five consecutive completions. But Cousins still makes me nervous every time he's about to pass.

Oddly enough, the Giants only outgained the Redskins 180 yards to 147 in the first half for a 15-6 lead at halftime.

Cousins' second interception was simply a bad decision, combined with the New York defender doing a great job of breaking up the forced pass. The result was the most unfortunate thing that happens to any QB's stats — a pick off a deflected pass.

That unfortunate turnover killed what was becoming a decent drive. In a world of ifs, ands or buts, if the 'Skins had scored a touchdown on that drive, it might have gotten the interception monkey off Cousins' back and certainly would have kept it a one-score game.

But alas, Washington was down 18-6 at the end of the third quarter.

By the time Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. snagged an impressive end zone catch, I'd had enough of the ugliness. I went to bed. (In case you care, the final score was New York 32, Washington 21.)

So much for the Deadskins capitalizing on a Week 2 victory and pushing New York to an 0-3 record. This could be another long, painful season.

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