Saturday, September 12, 2015

More meme mojo by Cary's Comics Craze

You can tell what superhero DVDs or Blu-rays I've been watching by the memes I've been inspired to create.

Yup, I might have a problem. No, I do have a problem: I'm a meme addict.

Screen capture and meme by CARY ASHBY/CARY'S COMICS CRAZE
For the last bunch of months, I'll be watching something at home and think, "Hey, that would be a great meme."

Many times it's the actual dialogue used in the film or TV show. Often it's simply the visuals in a scene. I figure if my meme idea makes me chuckle, there's someone else out there also with a weird sense of humor who might be amused by that meme.

Screen capture and meme by CARY ASHBY/CARY'S COMICS CRAZE
So once that odd bit of random inspiration hits, out comes my smartphone and I take a picture of the paused picture. (That's because I figure it will be close to impossible to find the exactly right photo on the Internet — even though a Google search does pretty well most of the time.)

By checking out the memes on this post, you'll notice I've binge-watched Season 2 of "Arrow" and gotten inspiration from everything from the latest "Batman Unlimited" animated movie to "Spider-Man 3" and episodes of "Justice League Unlimited."

And yeah, I'm also guilty of browsing through my comic book convention photo galleries for inspiration. (See the one to the left from a Cleveland con.) 

Those pics can inspire my oddball sense of humor — just like photos I run across from the superhero-related/fanboy Facebook groups I've joined.

When I see these photos, that "something" in my brain just clicks and I'm inspired to create a meme.

The meme below about my "Superman curl" was inspired by a comment from NORWALK REFLECTOR co-worker Ron Simpson.

I recall being caught in the rain while walking my beat from the police station or courthouse earlier in the day. My hair obviously dried, but I didn't comb my hair, giving me a curl at the top of my forehead. Ron noticed and told me he loved seeing my "Superman curl." One car selfie later and I created another meme!

So yeah, I guess I have a problem. The good news is my CCC readers and Facebook followers get to reap the fruits of the odd way my brain works.

Does anybody know about a Meme Anonymous group?!?

I'm Cary Ashby. And I'm a meme addict.

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