Monday, July 13, 2015

'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice' trailer analysis

"Black and blue, god vs man, day vs night!" — Lex Luthor 

Should Superman be held accountable for the destruction caused by his slugfest with General Zod at the end of "Man of Steel"?

Is this same destruction the reason that Batman has a vendetta against Superman? Does Bruce Wayne try to enlist Diana Prince — better known as Wonder Woman — to help take the Man of Steel down?

And what in the name of Krypton is someone doing with Zod's corpse? Also, is that a Robin memorial statue which has been vandalized with yellow spray-paint?

These are the questions gnawing at me after I watched the "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" trailer, which was revealed this weekend at the San Diego Comic-Con International.

This first full trailer for "Dawn of Justice" gives us our first look at Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman in action. Albeit there's only a small bit of footage, it's obvious Wonder Woman is one powerful Amazon. But you and I already knew that.

Either way, the sonic boom she causes by smashing her hands together is sweet, sweet, sweet!

Since that's been established, let's get into the meat of this "Dawn of Justice" footage. That's right; hang onto your cape and cowl (or tiara, in this case!) because it's time for Cary's Comics Craze to dig into some serious speculation.

It seems director Zack Snyder is retrofitting Wayne (Ben Affleck) into the climatic battle at the end of "Man of Steel." He's in Metropolis when he witnesses either Zod or Superman (Henry Cavill) take down a building using heat vision.

A fan has done a GIF in which he puts the "Man of Steel" footage showing Zod firing his heat vision out of control through a presumably empty room with the footage of what Wayne sees from outside of the building, proving that it's indeed Zod who causes such devastating capital damage.

The destruction prompts Wayne to go rushing into the chaotic scene.

The smoke from the crashing skyscraper overwhelms Wayne, who then ends up comforting a young girl. Beside them, amid the rubble, is a Wayne Enterprises sign, so that wasn't just any building; the billionaire owns it and he witnessed many employees possibly die.

This begs two questions: Is this why Wayne's Batman then becomes obsessed with revenge on Superman? And is it possible the heat vision Wayne saw being used was Zod's and not Superman's, so his vendetta could be a case of mistaken identity?

Lois Lane (Amy Adams) puts her hand on Superman's chest.
Holly Hunter's senator questioning just how dangerous Superman is indicates that the Man of Steel is a divisive character.

Some people, as Lois Lane (Amy Adams) reminds him, consider Superman their beacon of hope they have in a world gone made.

"This means something. It's all some people have; it's all that gives them hope," Lane tells Superman.

Clark Kent's mother (Diane Lane) tells Supes that "you don't owe the world a damn thing" and "people hate what they don't understand" (i.e. him, his superpowers and his intentions). Outside the hearing in which Superman obviously faces evidence about his accountability in the mass destruction at the end of "Man of Steel," people are protesting.

Another third of the trailer reveals that Batman is back on the prowl — and people are upset about his vigilante tactics. It seems Cavill's Clark Kent is pursuing a story about it, which leads me to believe that the Dark Knight is dispensing justice in Metropolis, not just Gotham City.

Ironically, while the public certainly doesn't seem to trust either hero, the shared opinion is that both men are dangerous.

The difference seems to be that Superman will face justice through a senate committee hearing while Batman is determined to bring about street justice. The Dark Knight considers the Man of Steel dangerous enough that he wears some impact-resistant armor to possibly bring down Superman a few notches.

The last part of the trailer focuses on the confrontation between Batman and Superman. The footage leads us to believe that a good part of the movie — or maybe at least the climax of "Dawn of Justice" — will focus on the battle.

This is no surprise.

After all, the main title includes an abbreviation for the word "versus" and we see the Dark Knight land on the Man of Steel, pushing him through a skylight. The trailer ends with Superman ripping the top of the cockpit off the Batmobile, which I assume happens early in the fight and before the skylight incident. (A guy can't just do serious damage to the hottest wheels in all of comic books and get away with it, can he. Hahaha…!)

But will "Dawn of Justice" be one big fight?

Let's take what I call the Batsignal sequence as what might transpire. Batman pulls a tarp off the Batsignal, turns it and shines the Batsymbol up into the dark, rainy and cloudy sky.

Does the Dark Knight do it to enrage Superman and make him confront him? Or could this be the Batman's way of summoning the Man of Steel so they can collaborate against a common foe? Is there a minute possibility the two superheroes could team up? (I don't doubt this will happen — but only after they duke it out. Keep in mind, Batman is wearing his armor, which he no doubt designed so he could survive a fight with Superman.) 

Superman obviously fires his heat vision at Batman, so their fight gets intense. (Check out that sweet glimpse of the Caped Crusader using his grappling gun. Fangasm!)

But what if the person Batman says has the power to destroy all of humankind isn't Superman? What if the Dark Knight is referring to that slimy snake of all slimy snakes, Lex Luthor?
(Even after seeing this trailer, I stand by my original contention that actor Jesse Eisenberg has been miscast. He seems to play Luthor as the slimeball he is, but as I said back in March, Eisenberg will have to dig deep in his acting bag of tricks to truly come close to nailing Luthor.) 

Luthor and Wonder Woman will play pivotal roles in "Dawn of Justice."

In short, Luthor likely will cause and is masterminding many of the problems facing Batman and Superman. If Eisenberg's take on the villain is anything like the comic book version, Luthor likely manipulates Superman into confronting Batman.

And here we thought it's the Dark Knight instigating their fight! But hear me out.

It's Luthor who says (seemingly to Superman) that "devils don't come from hell beneath us; they come from the sky." Luthor could be referring to Supes, who flies, but it makes sense he also could be talking about Batman, whose namesake is a flying creature closely associated with hell.

That brings me to Gadot's badass Wonder Woman.

It seems Wayne meets the gorgeous Diana Prince at a formal event and talks her into seeing Superman as a threat. But could Wonder Woman ultimately end up being the reason Batman teams up with the Man of Steel? Is she the voice of reason amidst all this testosterone-filled rage? Could she be the ointment or ambassador who brings about the "Dawn of Justice"?

We'll see. … Now who else can't wait for the March 25 release date? Grade: B+

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