Saturday, June 13, 2015

Meme me up, Cary!

Kudos to the person who made memes -- those crazy photos that are taken out of context. That brilliant genius allows people like me to get my geek on and generally be silly.

Meme by Cary Ashby/CARY'S COMICS CRAZE
Ever since I've had my smartphone (which has been just short of a month now), I've been coming up with a whooole bunch of memes -- and not surprisingly, many of them have been superhero-related. The Cleveland Cavaliers reaching the NBC Finals also has inspired quite a few.

Below, check out the superhero memes I've created.

Feel free to use them; all I request is you give you credit to Cary Ashby and/or Cary's Comics Craze. A #caryscomicscraze hashtag on the meme post would be awesome!

Thanks! I hope you'll have a few laughs. ...

Can't get enough? Want more wackiness? Well, you're in luck -- at my expense.

My best bud and fellow "goofy ass bastard" Aaron Dees is the #mememaster. In a two-part series of CCC posts titled "Meme me up, Aaron" (another hashtag I've been using for months now), I posted memes in which Dees has used pics of me at comic book conventions to make "Star Wars"-related memes and of course, from the cape and cowl crowd.

And now, back to our regularly scheduled memes. ...

And one that admittedly makes me laugh every time I see it -- the one of which I'm most proud:

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