Sunday, June 28, 2015

Meme me up, Cary!: A 3rd helping of fanboy memes

Are you ready for a third helping of memes created by yours truly at Cary's Comics Craze?

Meme by Cary Ashby/CARY'S COMICS CRAZE
There have been two previous editions of "Meme me up, Cary!" The most recent one features a Lynda Carter-Wonder Woman meme you can use for meme or social media update approvals and some Stormtroopers who can't find the comics they want at a comic book convention.

The first "Meme me up, Cary" photo gallery I posted includes memes featuring Hercules, ridiculous ways for Steve Rogers and Tony Stark to go at it in the upcoming "Captain America: Civil War" movie and a couple with nearly everyone's favorite bad girl, Harley Quinn.

Not to bore you too bad (too late, my readers shout!), this series of "Meme me up" CCC posts started with my fellow goofy-ass bastard and BFF Aaron Dees, who for a while was creating memes to throw me under the bus.

After this 2013 convention in Cincinnati, Ohio, I've seen Victoria Ewing
at each and every con I've attended in Ohio. Here, she's dressed as Julie Newmar's TV Catwoman
The first of Dees' LOL memes I posted are "Star Wars"-related and the second round is him making me look even more ridiculous at comic book conventions than I already do. There's a reason I call him "Mememaster."

Click on the key word "meme" at the bottom of this post (or the following links) to find CCC posts of meme photo galleries (combined with op-eds) about my thoughts on: the first look at Jared Leto's tattooed Joker, a round-up of fan-created memes inspired by the two trailers for "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" (as I titled that post, the Force is strong with those memes!) and even the Cleveland Cavaliers when they were on a roll early in the NBA Finals.

Without further ado, enjoy my latest creations. ...!

This isn't fan-related, but here's an example of making fun of myself.
Apparently, an officer with the Norwalk (Ohio) Police Department enjoys it too!
Needless to say, I was surprised to come in and do the blotter and find this
taped to the wall across from where I sit every day during the week.
Selfie and meme by Cary Ashby/CARY'S COMICS CRAZE

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