Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn goes for bombshell look

"Suicide Squad" director/co-writer David Ayer and actress Margot Robbie are going for the bombshell look for Harley Quinn.

Thanks to some on-set pics, we've gotten our first glimpse at what Robbie (best known for her roles in "The Wolf of Wall Street" and "Focus") looks like as The Joker's girlfriend.

Shortly after those shots made their way onto the Internet, Ayer revealed the first official photo of the "Suicide Squad" cast in their costumes and Will Smith as Deadshot via his Twitter account. (See below for both those photos.)

This flurry of photos comes about a week after the world got its first look at Jared Leto as Harley's "puddin'," The Joker.

Don't know who everybody is in the "Suicide Squad" film is?
Thanks to the DC Movies! Facebook, now you do.
I've been more than a bit covering the criminal justice scene for the NORWALK REFLECTOR newspaper — covering this Willard (Ohio) Hy-Miler robber who was just arrested yesterday — and not to mention the jury trial of a guy convicted of selling stolen firearms to an undercover cop, so I didn't get to writing this op-ed about Robbie's Harley Quinn as soon as I wanted. But without further ado, here we go …

As I expected, Harley is based on DC Comics' New 52 incarnation, especially from the "bombshell" version seen on the "bombshell" variant covers of DC's female characters, including Harley, Batgirl, Batwoman, Catwoman, Supergirl, Hawkgirl … you get the idea.

The live-action Harley bombshell look is especially obvious in the short-shorts and baseball jacket Robbie is wearing. She's also wearing a "choker," as Harley does on the variant cover of HARLEY QUINN No. 7 — although the movie version has more bling.

This is the "Suicide Squad" cast in all their costumed glory!
Harley's ponytails are pink/light red and blue — a definite nod to the New 52 incarnation. Attention-to-detail fans/completists/Harley Quinn cosplayers will be quick to tell you the comic-book version has red and black ponytails, as seen on the cover of HARLEY QUINN No. 1 (published in February 2014).

Robbie's version isn't armed with the oversized hammer as Harley did in the ever-classic "Batman: The Animated Series."

This "bombshell" rendition of Harley Quinn
clearly inspired the movie version (right).
Instead, she is armed with a baseball bat. I'm not sure if this is a coincidence or not (and I have a feeling it isn't since the on-set photos of Robbie as Harley came out juuuust before Ayer's official pics and Robbie "just happens" to be looking straight at the photographer), but notice that Robbie is carrying the bat over her shoulders. This too is another nod to the cover of the first New 52 issue. Doesn't that seem a bit too coincidental or am I the only well-informed but cynical comics fan here!? …

Lastly, check out the T-shirt Robbie is wearing — "Daddy's Lil Monster" and the high-heeled tennis shoes. Those must be a bear to walk in! I can't begin to imagine how sore Robbie's feet must be after a long day on the set. Yeeek! (On the other hand, wearing those bad boys does nothing but show off the actress' shapely legs. … Hey, I'm an ass-and-legs man; what can I say?)

Will Smith as Deadshot
Like many other fans, I would have liked to see some sort of homage to the classic Harley Quinn look, but I can't say I'm surprised this is where the costume designers landed. Casting a looker like Robbie means DC Entertainment/Warner Bros./Team Ayer were going for a hottie to play Mister J's girlfriend. So given all that, I'm not surprised at all to see the Harley in "Suicide Squad" is inspired by the New 52 bombshell rendition.

Overall I'll give this first look at Harley Quinn a solid B to B+, but as the character herself might say, the proof of just how good the onscreen interpretation will be in the "puddin'" of Robbie's performance and Ayer's screenplay.

And oh yeah, what about Smith as Deadshot?

Deadshot looks like the meancing badass assassin he is. It's refreshing to see the red and black color scheme being carried over from the comics. But I gotta say the mask — while close to the comics — closely resembles Casey Jones, from TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES. Grade: B+

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