Thursday, April 23, 2015

Meme me up, Aaron!: The superhero edition

Well, since you're back, I hope you've enjoyed my previous meme-based post, "Meme me up, Aaron!".

The truth is this Batgirl cosplayer had her friend join the picture.
So much for just getting a pic with just Batgirl — and then both
of them. … (Meme created by Aaron Dees)
As I explained, Aaron Dees (whom I call the Mememaster — for good reason), really gets a kick out of making memes out of pics I take or have taken with cosplayers at comic book conventions. And the results are pretty daggone hysterical!

Sure, I end up looking ridiculous and the circumstances are taken waaaaaay out of context. But that's the point of a well crafted meme, isn't it?!

And for the record, I don't go to cons "to get them digits" or "hit on babes." (Look for that meme after the break.) Not that it's happened yet. But I'm up for it! LOL

Moving on …

Many of my friends who see Aaron's memes might be surprised to see my reaction to what he comes up with. They might expect me to be mad or even shocked. Not even close — I laugh as hard at this madman's creations as he does. … OK, not as much as Aaron, but still …!

And let me be clear: I don't even have to be at a con for Aaron to be inspired to make a superhero-based meme about me.

Check out this one below he did of me when I was caught by my photographer with a bored-out-of-my-mind expression while we were covering a high school basketball game.

What are best friends for but to throw you under the bus?

With this meme, my BFF dubbed me "Supernerd"!
While the first "Meme me up, Aaron!" post focused on "Star Wars," this time around I'm doing all the superhero memes my BFF has created over the last couple of years. (And if you're a "Star Wars" fan — who isn't, really?!? — then check out the post I did in which I chose my favorite memes based on the "Force Awakens" trailers.)

Without further regard, check out "Dees" classic superhero memes Aaron has created (see what I did there?):
Aaron Dees created this meme shortly after Andrew Gates, a mutual friend,
(far right) and I met Marvel Comics writer Brian Michael Bendis (left)
during a rare comics shop signing in the Cleveland area in April 2014.
(Meme created by Aaron Dees)

And because just one meme calling a mutual friend
Andrew Gates and me nerds wasn't enough …!
(Meme created by Aaron Dees)

Aaron Dees (left) and yours truly do the Colossus-Wolverine Cannonball
Special in this meme created by man Dees.

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