Friday, April 24, 2015

'Bam! Pow! Who do I call now?'

NORWALK, Ohio — Where else can you to see Principal Ken Moore flex his muscles and growl like the Incredible Hulk? Or give a high-five to Super Trucker?
Maplehurst Elementary Principal Ken Moore hams it up.

Maplehurst Elementary, of course, which capped off its superhero-themed Right to Read Week with an assembly Friday. Caped crusaders and colorful decorations featuring The Avengers and Batman made the school look like it jumped straight out of a Marvel or DC comic book.

Super Trucker told the students to keep reading.

“Reading is important. Reading is super,” said the local superhero, whose secret identity remains a mystery.

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Just who is Super Trucker?

More importantly, the students learned who they need to call when facing certain circumstances or emergencies. The youngsters were asked who should they seek when they need help with math problems.

“Bam! Pow! Who do I call now?” came the loud and enthusiastic response to each question. “A teacher!”

Students learned they should contact a farmer when your body needs healthy food. If you cut yourself, call a nurse and if you’re “scared of that stranger,” call a police officer.

Indeed, the Maplehurst cafeteria was full of local heroes: (Below in the photo, from left in the back row) Moore; retired Huron County veterans services officer Dick Carlisle; Dr. Tim Thomas, of Fisher-Titus Medical Center; his wife Deborah (who represented baby-sitters); Maplehurst reading teacher Vickie Carpenter; and Fisher-Titus nurse Andrea Wetherill. Also on hand (in the front row, from left) were: Norwalk Firefighter Jeff Phillips; Huron County Sheriff’s Detective Sgt. Josh Querin and his police dog, Bea; Super Trucker; Huron farmer Ray Enderle; and Fremont Police Officer Brian Kingsborough.

The heroes and some select students read TEN RULES FOR BEING A SUPERHERO, a picture book by Deb Pilutti.

The first rule is “a superhero must always respond to a call for help — even if the odds are against him or her.”

Maplehurst Elementary students show off their best superhero
poses Friday. On left in the Norwalk Truckers jersey is Tyree Ray, 6.
Beside him is fellow kindergartner Brady Singer, also 6 years old.
 Upon reading each of the rules, each local hero received a plastic Superman cape. Bea, the police dog, wore hers around her collar. Moore hammed it up by pretending to take flight.

The students showed off their best superhero poses to end the assembly.

 All the youngsters interviewed by the NORWALK REFLECTOR said they enjoy reading.

Six-year-old kindergartner Brady Singer is a big fan of Iron Man while Tyree Ray’s favorite superhero is Batman.
Regan Ream, a 7-year-old first-grader at Maplehurst Elementary,
smiles before Friday's assembly to cap off Right Read Week.

David Santiago, also a kindergarten student, doesn’t have any favorites.

“I like every superhero,” he said.
Maplehurst Elementary reading teacher Vickie Carpenter

The students gave high-fives to the local heroes as they went back to their classrooms — as Bonnie Tyler’s 1984 hit “Holding Out for a Hero” played over the speakers.

Police dog Bea wears a plastic Superman cape — just like
the other local heroes Friday at Maplehurst Elementary.
Bea's handler/owner is Huron County Sheriff's Detective Sgt .
EDITOR'S NOTE: This story, written by Cary's Comics Craze webmaster Cary Ashby, ran as a feature in Saturday's NORWALK REFLECTOR. He has been a reporter for the Huron County newspaper since September 2004 and a journalist since January 2003. The REFLECTOR is the original home of "Cary's Comics Craze," a twice-monthly column which ran starting in early 2005 and was put on hiatus in late 2014. 

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