Saturday, April 25, 2015

'Ant-Man' trailer 2 review

"Imagine a soldier ... the size of an insect ... the ultimate secret weapon." -- Darren Cross

Is this what Dr. Henry "Hank" Pym" (Michael Douglas) is trying to avoid? Is the scientist fearful of having his Pym Particles-based creation militarized?

Or is Pym's business competitor, the bad guy Darren Cross, already going down this slippery slope? Does he plan on turning Pym's Ant-Man armor over to the government? Is that why Pym is recruiting long-time thief/burglar Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) to "break in and steal stuff"?

That is what's inferred in the 2:29 of the second full "Ant-Man" trailer. Regardless, all the aforementioned speculation gives more heft to a superhero who is an easy target for ridicule.

Much like the first trailer -- which got me quite pumped to see Marvel Studios' most daring film this side of "Guardians of the Galaxy" -- this trailer affirms my original suspicion that Lang's path as a criminal-turned superhero is one of redemption.

In fact, Pym flat out addresses that with Lang.

"I believe everyone deserves a shot at redemption. Do you?," Pym tells him fro what appears to be a prison interview room.

The first trailer emphasizes Lang's redemption; this one is mostly action-oriented.

Without a doubt, the highlight is getting the first look at Yellowjacket (Cross, played by Corey Stoll) in action. Unlike the recently released "Fantastic Four" trailer (which has been reviewed here)  -- which only includes a glimpse of its bad guy, Doctor Doom -- this footage includes several scenes of Yellowjacket.

Like the villain's name sake, the Yellowjacket armor is black and gold, with an emphasis on the black. Unlike the comic book version, the movie incarnation has insect like appendages and screams "this dude's a badass." I'd give the costume design an "A-," since I'm not a fan of the awkward attachments.

Hank Pym's Yellowjacket makes his first
appearance in THE AVENGERS No. 59. 
Aside from seeing Yellowjacket and Ant-Man duke it out, the biggest and most visually stunning elements of the entire trailer is seeing Ant-Man with his army of ... you guessed it, ants. The FX are realistic and give a great sense of perspective of just how small the hero can shrink.

The gorgeous Evangeline Lilly hits the red carpet.
We see a bit more of Evangeline Lilly's Janet Van Dyne, I mean Hope Van Dyne. (Yes, I'm still hoping her character is the Wasp!)

But there's not a lot to go on here with Van Dyne's role in the movie. It's obvious she knows how to throw a punch and it appears, that at least in part, she'll be Lang's eyes to warn him of danger.

We feminists hope there's a lot more for Van Dyne to do than just teach Pym how to punch and say things like "Look out, Scott!".

This is a solid trailer, but the first one delivered more of the goods. Grade: B

If you're keeping track at home, I now have reviewed the trailers for the four sure-fire blockbusters, all of which have been released recently.

Here's my ranking, from best to worst. This ranking is based on how much each trailer got me pumped to see the respective film, not the grade I gave the trailer -- although it's close. Click on the name of each movie to read my review: "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" with distant second going to "Ant-Man," followed closely by "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice." And in a distant fourth is "Fantastic Four."

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