Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Why Batman is the ultimate badass (flashback)

Back in 2012, I stumbled across a request to say why a certain character is a badass. Being a lifelong, diehard Batman fan, there was only one choice — the comic character I've loved for decades. Here's the result, which was first online March 21, 2012 on the original home of Cary's Comics Craze. …

Before anybody ever created the word “badass,” Batman was the ultimate badass. The prototype that helped define the term.
No matter the incarnation since 1939,
Batman has been a badass.

After all, Batman had little problem with the fate of Alfred Stryker, the murdering extortionist in his first printed adventure.

“He’s falling into the acid tank,” says a man who was saved by Batman punching Stryker.

“A fitting end for his kind,” Batman says.

Now, that’s not to say being ruthless is synonymous with being a badass.

In fact, “my Batman” is the compassionate, yet grim, Caped Crusader who is still scary and tough as nails. Batman can just as easily reach out a helping hand to a would-be rape or robbery victim as he can intimidate someone by his very unexpected presence. He’s also just as adept at wiping the floor with the League of Assassins. All while preserving the sanctity of life.

That’s a badass line to tow.

Artist Jim Aparo's take on Batman
is very much "My Batman."
Even his pre-superhero training epitomizes being a badass.

Bruce Wayne dedicated seven or so years of his young adulthood to learn from the very best athletes, scientists, detectives, fighters and assassins in the world before being a crimefighter. And when he first took his war on crime to the streets, he realized he still wasn’t skilled enough.

That’s a hardcore badass.

Batman’s mind alone is enough to call him the ultimate badass.

Not only has he earned the title of the World’s Greatest Detective time and time again, Batman once came up with a specialized plan to take down each and every member of the Justice League — each in a unique way — if any of them went rogue.

Yikes! That’s a badass with a plan.

The TV Batmobile is as badass as ever.
There’s no doubt his arsenal of resources, whether it’s housed in the Batcave or his utility belt, gives him a significant edge over everybody — friend or foe.

Then there’s the Batmobile.

How can a badass be complete without a set of wheels? Batman has that covered — in style. No matter what the variation has been over the last seven decades, the Batmobile is the hottest ride on the planet. 

And his bikes, helicopters, boats, subs and jet planes aren’t too shabby either.

Finally, there’s Batman’s most durable nickname — the Dark Knight.

That’s the perfect badass name for the perfect badass.

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