Thursday, March 12, 2015

Sam Wilson's Captain America channels Steve Rogers in speeches

Even after I read the first two issues of the ALL-NEW CAPTAIN AMERICA, it's obvious Sam Wilson is making his incarnation of Captain America his own.

This is a variant cover of ALL-NEW
No. 1
As I said in my review about the first look at the new Cap in CAPTAIN AMERICA No. 25, I dig how Wilson's costume breaks new ground. The patriotic design is quite different from the original, iconic costume worn by Steve Rogers, but Wilson's Falcon wings are an integral part. His goggles and obviously the red wings are all Falcon, while the rest of the outfit screams the Star Spangled Avenger.

Most recently, Wilson's Cap has channeled his predecessor and best friend even more, especially in delivering some stirring speeches in the latest issues of ALL-NEW … and CAPTAIN AMERICA AND THE MIGHTY AVENGERS. (Wanna read CCC's review of the first few issues each series?!? Of course you do!)

Wilson is feeling down and questioning himself in THE MIGHTY AVENGERS after being affected and controlled by a spell directed by the Red Skull (although IMHO, the impact in reality was negligible).

Team member Spectrum forces Cap to look inward and reflect on how he can "come back" from acting and speaking under someone else's control.

"You're Captain America, Sam. Tell me how. Tell me why," she tells him.

The way Sam Wilson acted for a time as
Captain America, while under control of the
Red Skull, bothered him.
(Interior page from CAPTAIN AMERICA AND
No. 1)
Wilson's response is a speech that would make Rogers proud and is as motivating as I've ever heard the original Cap deliver. 

By the end of his monologue, Wilson has his Captain America mojo back.

"Because … Captain America is not just for the good days. He can't be. I can't be," Wilson says.

"If Captain America can't stand for the dream on the very worst day — when America is fallen — then there is no Captain America. Because our worst day is only where we start from. Where we rise from. And if the man in the flag is too special to fall and rise and struggle with the rest of them, God help us all. If I've got to work harder now. Prove more? That was always true. And that's a weight I'm proud to carry."

As you can tell, Wilson knows the essence of Captain America's and Rogers' never-give-up spirit — truly the American spirit.
Just like the original Captain America,
Sam Wilson takes no crap off Sin,
the Red Skull's equally nasty daughter.

Wilson sounds like a deadringer for Steve Rogers, who always managed to pull himself up by his own boot straps and triumph in the face of physical or emotional diversity and dire circumstances.

"Spidey was right — the shield does bring it out of you," Wilson tells Spectrum.

To a much lesser extent, Cap is just as eloquent in ALL-NEW … No. 3 after he withstands a humiliating monologue by Sin, the Red Skull's daughter, who credits her father's manipulations through the Cosmic Cube in making Wilson who he is. Sin basically says Wilson's fate isn't is own — and never was.

As Wilson takes down the Red Skull's equally evil and vile daughter, the new Cap says her allegations are bogus.

"I'm not perfect, but I was never that person. I'm Samuel Wilson, raised by Paul and Darlene Wilson to fight people like you for a better world. And like it or not, Nazi … I am Captain America."

Yes you are, Sam Wilson. Yes you are!

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