Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Melissa Benoist as Supergirl

Melissa Benoist as Supergirl -- I approve.

Granted, I'm more than I bit behind putting in my two cents about the first look at the TV incarnation of Supergirl (aka Linda Danvers) on the fall CBS TV series -- and especially the first look we had a few days ago.

My verdict: Thumbs up all the way around.

The costume is just plain spot on. I appreciate how the costume designer avoided showing any skin; I was never a fan of the belly-baring costume Supergirl has worn in the comic books since the 1990s. It screamed sexploitation to me.

Another attagirl goes to not going with the "in" low-waisted look with the skirt.

The color scheme is quite nice. The blue isn't too dark or muted and the shade of red, while quite a bit more "bloody" than what we've seen in the Superman family, complements the blue very well -- as does the darker gold in the trim of Supergirl's skirt.

Speaking of colors, the blue behind the iconic 'S' shield uniquely brings out and shows off the logo. Personally, I don't miss the yellow/gold from the comics.

In fact, I embarrassingly must admit that until I again studied the head-and-shoulders shot of Benoist (see below) -- just now! -- I completely missed the gold trim in the shield. Very subtle. Yet another thumbs up!

Judging from her imdb gallery of photos, Benoist is just plain adorable.

Actress Melissa Benoist has a slight smile in
 this promotional photo of Supergirl released by CBS.
Supergirl purists -- if there are such fans -- might raise their eyebrows that Benoist has red/orange-ish red hair. Or at least she appears to in these photos. I understand Supergirl has been a blonde in all her previous incarnations, but it just doesn't matter to me.

(Check out this CCC flashback from 2013 in which I share why great performances trump worrying about why the Powers That Be or a casting decision changed a comic character's hair color. More on that here in a sec!)

Besides, I love me some redheads! You could say they're my Kryptonite. (Yes, pun intended.) ... Just sayin'! Anyway, moving on. ...

But being a cutie isn't what's important here at all with the success of the "Supergirl" series. Benoist can't shoulder this project by herself, much less by her looks.

The "Supergirl" script, the quality of the acting, cast chemistry, how they handle her origin, characterization and universe -- and certainly how the series resonates with fans are of most importance.

So far, so good! Grade: A

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