Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Latest 'Arrow' episode review — using only these quotes

Cary's Comics Craze readers should know by now I'm not afraid to do detailed reviews.

You may be surprised to know I don't often review single episodes of shows — unless they're flat-out geektastic like the two "Arrow" and "The Flash" team-up episodes from the fall. Or tonight's killer one from "Arrow" or "The Flash" episode from Tuesday night — easily one of the best and most memorable from Season 3 of "Arrow."

Felicity Smoak, Thea Queen, Roy Harper and Laurel Lance
are all smiles at the wedding of John and Lyla Diggle.
And wow — do they look goooood!
(Photo courtesy of the official "Arrow" Facebook page.)
My readers also should know I loooove me some great quotes and I'm not afraid to take some risks with my reviews.

So here I'm premiering my first all-quotes review  — after two short observations, in the form of questions, about the actor behind Ray Palmer and his Atom "supersuit."

First, didn't it seem like actor Brandon Routh had a serious case of pink eye and probably was sick (due to his much lower voice) when he filmed this episode? And two, while Palmer's suit eerily resembles Ant-Man's, doesn't his armor operate more like Iron Man's?

And now, I proudly present CCC's first-ever all-quotes review, since everything you need to know and mull over about tonight's episode of "Arrow" is in these 12 quotes, presented in chronological order (even the two bonuses)! Beware of spoilers!

1) "Ray saved the day." — Oliver Queen about Palmer being the last-second minister at the Diggles' wedding.

2) "The Suicide Squad rides again." — Deadshot (aka Floyd Lawton) to John and Lyla Diggle

3) "I'm going to fulfill the promise I made the city; I'm going to bring the Arrow to justice." — Palmer to Felicity Smoak

4) "Ray made a supersuit?! That's pretty awesome …" — Roy Harper
And upon seeing Queen's incredulous expression, he quickly adds: "… and reckless."

The official "Arrow" Facebook page used this photo of Ray Palmer  in his Atom  "supersuit"
to publicize tonight's episode, "Suicidal Tendencies."
5) "Palmer knows I'm the Arrow?!" — Queen to Felicity

6) "I guess I'll just have to seek justice on my own."— Palmer to Laurel Lance

Deadshot takes aim.
7)  "Every time I pulled the trigger, people died." — Lawton about his time as a military sharpshooter (Finally, a truly meaningful flashback this season!)

8) "What were we thinking?" — Lyla Diggle to her husband about accepting the Suicide Squad's mission

9) "You never wanted me to be with him." — Felicity to Queen about her relationship with Palmer

10) "The man you think I am would kill you here here and now." — Queen says to Atom as he points his loaded compound bow at Atom's head. "She chose you, so trust her."

Check out this bonus quote, which was too good to leave out:

11) "You and your new wife get back home to your baby girl, OK John?" — Deadshot to John Diggle

And finally, these last pair of quotes foreshadows the closing shot of this week's show:

12) "We have to stop this imposer before he puts any more arrows into any more criminals." — Diggle about Ra's al Ghul and his League of Assassins dressing as Arrow
"Or any innocent victims." — Queen

Grade: (the very rare) A

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