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Guest columnist talks tone, Ben Affleck in 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice'

Almost exactly a year from now, "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" will be in the theaters. 

At my request, lifelong comic-book fan David Hudson has written this preview. 

This op-ed addresses what he expects for the tone and his thoughts on the characterization of Ben Affleck as Batman plus what he will bring to the Dark Knight and Bruce Wayne. 

Ben Affleck as Batman stands beside the Batmobile in this
first official photo from "Batman v Superman:
Dawn of Justice."
Enjoy — and come back to Cary's Comics Craze in which Hudson, a dedicated Batman and Superman fan, talks Henry Cavill's Superman, the possible "Dawn of Justice" plot and draws up his final conclusion on "Dawn of Justice." Without further ado, enjoy! …

I was humbled when Cary asked me to share my expectations of the 2016 film "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" because this is more his area of expertise. This film will be the second film in the DC Comics cinematic universe and will serve as a sequel to 2014’s "Man of Steel."

I humbly offer a few theories on what to expect.


Zack Snyder will be directing the movie, so I am expecting some similarities to the tone of "Man of Steel," but I expect it to be darker.

I was able to watch the 2014 San Diego Comic Con International trailer. The setting was a rainy night with limited visibility. (EDITOR'S NOTE: I did my own speculation and drew my own conclusions about this footage in this op-ed CCC posted Aug. 1.) The Bat Signal was turned on and then we receive juxtaposed shots of Superman’s red eyes with Batman’s blue-eyed night vision goggles from the Batsuit. The implication is that their relationship will at least be adversarial at the beginning.

I personally feel like the implied tone is more appropriate for a Batman solo film than a "World’s Finest"-type film. (That's something CCC touted several years ago on the original, now-defunct version of CCC!) I think this is primarily due to the huge commercial success of the Christopher Nolan "Dark Knight" trilogy.


Batman — I was not one of the people who screamed bloody murder when Ben Affleck was cast as Batman. (Much like CCC! Back in late August 2013, yours truly declared I was "down with" casting Affleck — just a few days after the news hit the Internet.) My initial impressions were that he would be an awesome Bruce Wayne.

I was curious if he could pull off the mean streak in Batman so I watched the director's cut of "Daredevil" again. As one of the few fans of that film when I rewatched it and I saw the similarities and it made me a believer.

Ben Affleck

Affleck looked impressive as Batman in the trailer and from photographs from the movie set. I am expecting his Batman to be the physically strongest and toughest Batman we have ever seen.

This photo of actor Ben Affleck from
the set of "Batman v Superman: Dawn
of Justice" gives us an idea what he
will look like as Bruce Wayne.
At 6’4, he is by far the tallest guy to play Batman and definitely looks physically imposing based of the set pictures. Being in his early 40’s he will also be the oldest actor to play Batman. I think we will see a far more experienced and polished detective and crimefighter than we have ever seen before. I think he will be awesome as Bruce Wayne and may even bring more charm to the character than George Clooney.

My only concern is that Affleck may be getting too muscular for Batman since Batman is basically a Ninja and too much muscle can affect your flexibility. However, it is an accurate body type for a DARK KNIGHTS RETURNS-inspired Batman.

Finally, I expect Affleck to hit a home run in this movie. He is known to be a comic book fan himself and I don’t think anyone wants to make this portrayal accurate than him. He is also a two-time Academy Award winner so we know he has the ability to portray a nuanced Batman.

Keep checking here at CCC as guest columnist David Hudson shares his thoughts on Henry Cavill's Superman and in part 3, he speculates on the "Dawn of Justice" plot and draws up his conclusions.

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