Thursday, March 19, 2015

Guest columnist talks Superman in 'Dawn of Justice'

Welcome back to guest columnist David Hudson's multi-part preview of the film "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice." It's hard to believe it will come out in nearly a year. …

In Part 1, Hudson — a lifelong comic book and dedicated Superman and Batman fan — shares his thoughts on what actor Ben Affleck will bring to playing Batman and Bruce Wayne plus what Hudson expects from the tone of "Dawn of Justice." In this second part, he shares what he expects from Henry Cavill's Superman/Clark Kent in the "Man of Steel" sequel.

Enjoy — and come back to Cary's Comics Craze for the third and concluding installment in which Hudson shares his conclusion. … 

I believe we will see a Superman who is closer to the Superman that we all know and love. The portrayal in "Man of Steel" left people disappointed because this version of Superman contributed to the destruction of Metropolis and killed General Zod and the potential Kryptonian children on the scout ship.

"Unite the Seven" campaign for "Batman
Superman: Dawn of Justice" is a none-too
subtle reference to the Justice League.
We will see Clark Kent as he transitions from being a drifter to a skilled reporter.

I expect Superman to have more control of his powers and to be more polished, but still in need of grooming. I also expect him to have an adversarial relationship with Batman throughout most of the film.

I read an interview with one of the producers who wanted Superman to be shorter than Batman so he would not only look up to him as a mentor, but also physically look up to him.

Some of you are saying that Superman is almost always the tallest man in the room. Henry Cavill is 6’1, which is well above the 5’9 height of the average man. But he will be looking up to most, if not all, of the Justice League and DC Cinematic Universe cast: Ben Affleck/Batman (6’4), Jason Momoa/Aquaman (6’4), Ray Fisher/Cyborg (6’3), Dwayne Johnson/Black Adam (6’5) and Michael Shannon/General Zod (6’3).

Henry Cavill makes an appearance
at the 2014 San Diego Comic Con
I know some fanboys and girls believe Superman is supposed to be about 6’4 in the DC Universe, which would make the casting of Christopher Reeve (6’4) and Brandon Routh (6’3) pretty accurate from a perspective of stature.

Just like my concern with Batman, a shorter Superman has precedent in the DC Universe. In the early editions of the comics he is of average height and in the "Justice League: The New Frontier" animated film, where Superman is noticeably shorter than Wonder Woman.

My concern with Henry Cavill will not be his stature, but his chemistry or the absence of chemistry with some of the cast. As my best friend Cary Ashby has pointed out, the lack of chemistry with Amy Adams as Lois Lane in "Man of Steel" was an issue.

Those questions and worries aside, I do think Cavill will hold his own because he is a solid actor.

Come back to CCC for the final part of guest columnist David Hudson's three-part preview of "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice." In part 3, the lifelong Dark Knight and Man of Steel fan speculates on the plot and shares his conclusions.

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