Friday, March 13, 2015

Batman's 'Convergence' costume -- what the ... ?!

Breaking news: DC Comics doesn't give one bat-turd about respecting its most popular character. Or at least not the way the once too-cool-for-words Dark Knight and Caped Crusader looks.

No, this isn't the sick love child of
Judge Dredd, Robocop and Boba Fett.
It's what Batman will look like starting in June.
Or maybe the DC Powers That Be simply want to continue alienating lifelong, dedicated Batman fans like yours truly. And my best friends Mark Willis and David Hudson (who has a couple guest columns coming up here at Cary's Comics Craze) -- and thousands of other fanboys. Not to mention the fangirls.

One look at Batman's post-"Convergence" DC Universe costume (see the image on the left, courtesy of the Heroic Universe website) got me thinking all that. Not to mention concentrating on keeping the bile down.

My gut reaction? "What the ...?!?" Followed quickly by: "BLECK!"

There's soooooo much to say that's so wrong with this costume -- but where do I start?

First, this is more of an armor than anything else.

Honestly, this so-called Batman looks like the ugly love child of Judge Dredd, Robocop and Boba Fett.

Now some fans might think that might sounds cool. ... Those fans need their head examined. This incarnation of Batman is a hot mess. This is more Robocop than Dark Knight.

There's no doubt the Batsymbol will change in the "Convergence"
era of DC Comics. 
And don't even get me started about the gun in "Batman"'s right hand. What in the name of all that is holy in the Batman universe is that about?!?


Heroic Universe rightly calls the new costume "the most drastic costume change yet." Drastic doesn't even begin to cover it ...!

Needless to say, DC has guaranteed I won't be picking up any issues of this "Convergence"era "Batman." Grade: The very rare F

I'm sure you noticed how I put air quotes around the character's name. That;'s because this incarnation isn't anything close to My Batman -- much less the definitive versions I've loved and adored for years and years. Or even the tongue-and-cheek version in the latest LEGO "Justice League" animated movie.

Not that this op-ed needs balance, but at least the new costumes to be worn by Superman and Wonder Woman are daring, yet still remain close to spirit and color schemes of the familiar costumes we've seen before.

Superman's S shield is horrific, but the T-shirt look is somewhat like the one drawn in the early part of writer Grant Morrison's New 52 ACTION COMICS run. Not too much thinking out of the conventional box was done here. Grade: C

Wonder Woman's costume still invokes the warrior feel integral to the Amazon Princess. This new costume (on the left) focuses on armor and adds some black, yet is a variation of her other costumes.

I'm not crazy at all about the spikes she has coming from her gauntlets. They're bulky, but might work and be more appealing if they were retractable. One can only hope. ...

In short, this new costume embodies Wonder Woman's kick-ass, warrior background and gives her the armor she would need in the battlefield. Grade: B+

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