Monday, February 23, 2015

Shatner shoots the Shat during Q-and-A at Wizard World Comic Con

CLEVELAND — Fans know William Shatner as the original Captain James T. Kirk or his roles on the TV series "T.J. Hooker" and "Boston Legal." Maybe even the two "Miss Congeniality" movies.

Certainly you've seen the series of ongoing commercials with "Shat" as the "Priceline Negotiator."
Actor Willam Shatner speaks to the crowd at the 2015 Wizard World
Comic Con in Cleveland. (CARY ASHBY/CARY'S COMICS CRAZE)

And if you know anything about Shatner, you know he has a big personality.

But I bet you didn't know his gift of gab means the Shat takes the long way — and I mean the looooong way around — when it comes to answering questions.

Don't even get me started with his rambling monologue before he took questions from the audience during a Q-and-A session Saturday at the Wizard World Comic Con in Cleveland.

Shatner is a well-known horseman. When a young girl simply asked why he loves horses, Shatner started a long ramble about breeding and the way a beautiful stallion and mare can make a great looking pony. But then again. Maybe not.

Way too minutes later, Shatner finally said, "And that's why I love horses." But I'm not convinced he actually answered the girl's easy question.

An Akron woman told Shatner she watches reruns of "T.J. Hooker" almost every day.

"Would you check on my residuals?" Shatner quipped.

She wanted to know whether that role was more demanding than playing Kirk.

"Hooker was hanging from the ledge of a car all the time," said Shatner, who recalled there weren't any ledges for the captain of the U.S.S. Enterprise, but Kirk used Shatner's favorite action move, the double-leg kick.

"That was my favorite trick because I fell to the ground, but they cut away from me," Shatner said. 

Finally, he managed to answer the woman's question.

"I had fun on both of those shows," Shatner said. "I think playing the police captain was more athletic than doing Captain Kirk."

William Shatner in a publicity still for the
"Star Trek" TV series
The 83-year-old actor talked about a time he was tempted to use the double-leg kick in real life during a confrontation with someone over his daughters. Remembering he usually fell on the floor while filming "Star Trek" fight scenes, he'd often fall on his butt, so he decided to talk his way out of the situation.

In doing fight scenes, Shatner said actors can pretend to throw a punch with their fist 6 inches from a stuntman's face and the stuntman falls to the ground, making it seem as if the fake punch really landed. 

He recalled a memorable fight scene in the pilot for "Star Trek."

"(The stuntman) split his pants — and he wasn't wearing any underpants. I thought that was the funniest thing that would happen in 'Star Trek,'" Shatner said.

A few years ago, he filmed a documentary called "Get A Life" in which he interviewed fans at comic-book and science fiction conventions. Shatner said he interviewed a woman with multiple personalities — all of which came from "Star Trek." He said he would be talking to her and some times she would be Spock and the next moment, she was Kirk.

And then the man who made Kirk a household name then went on impersonate his own Shatner-esque delivery of lines who was speaking to someone doing the same thing.

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