Monday, December 15, 2014

Another Sunday, another Redskins loss

Another Sunday — another loss for the Washington Redskins.
This about sums it up for me this season as a
Washington Deadskins, er, Redskins, fan.

The 24-13 loss to the New York Giants is the sixth in a row for the Redskins.

Maybe I should call them the Deadskins because they certainly haven't showed any life lately.

When will this ugly losing streak — the longest current one in the NFL — end? What will it take? (More on that later.)

Although on the positive side, judging from his rushing statistics Sunday, quarterback Robert Griffin III showed some resemblance to the runner I know he can be. He ran five times for 43 yards. Through the air, he completed 18-of-27 for 236 yards and a touchdown.

That's the good news.

Other good news turned bad and according to RGIII, one play impacted the way the Redskins played the rest of the Giants game. Griffin's dramatic diving run to the corner of the endzone with about eight seconds left in the first half appeared to be a touchdown.

Quarterback Robert Griffin III leaps for the endzone Sunday
against the New York Giants. (Photo credit: Julio Cortez/AP)
Unfortunately, after further review, it was called back and ruled to be a fumble since the QB lost control of the ball as it broke the plane.

So a rare TD run from our much maligned QB that could have turned the momentum of the game ended up being a momentum-killer. Not to put too much emphasis on a score that didn't happen, but those six points could have been a nice shot of confidence for the Redskins.

Next question: When will this losing streak end?

Since the 'Skins face two tough NFC East opponents to finish out this dreadful season (Philadelphia Eagles on Thursday Night Football and the Dallas Cowboys), it's hard to tell. Both games are at FedEx Field, but let's be honest, Washington hasn't had much of a home-field advantage since longer than I can remember. To be even more blunt, the Redskins know how to lose a home game just as easily as an away game. It's sad, really.

Since the Eagles lost to the Cowgirls — oops! the Cowboys — on Sunday 37-28, Philadelphia is more likely to be amped up to win than the Redskins. After all, the Eagles need to win each of their last two games to win the NFC East. Washington only is playing for pride and next year's draft choices.

Of course, Washington could play spoiler to Dallas to end the season. A win over the dreaded Cowgirls would do nothing but screw up their playoff hopes — and what Redskins fan wouldn't love that? I know I've made that clear here.

While it's a slim possibility the Redskins would beat Dallas, it's not as crazy as it sounds. Washington has beaten them three out of the last five times. And in 2012, when Griffin and Co. were firing on all cylinders in the 2012-2013 season, they beat the Cowboys at home in a win-or-go-home situation.

Why can't that happen again?

To be honest, Washington has yet to find any sort of offensive groove this season. Not giving the ball enough to our workhorse running back, Alfred Morris, hasn't helped. (Dallas has figured out RB DeMarco Murray is a sure-thing to chew up yards and helps the passing game; why can't the Redskins head coach Jay Gruden figure that out with the equally talented Morris and Griffin?) Certainly the drama of the quarterback carousel only has served to hurt the already struggling 'Skins. The soap opera of the tenuous Gruden-Griffin relationship has just made a terrible situation even more ridiculous.

I'm no football guru — but I'm not afraid to share my opinions here about my team — but it's safe to say it takes some offensive mojo to score points and compete in the NFL. And there's been no sign of a competitive offensive from the 'Skins, I mean Deadskins. So much for my hope the 'Skins might win one of the Eagles or Cowboys games might remain just that — outrageous optimism.

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