Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Priceless: 'Skins' third-string QB leads win over Cowboys

QB Colt McCoy scrambles during the second half
of Monday's 20-17 overtime win. (Tim Sharp/AP)
"Colt McCoy!"

That's what a passing pickup truck driver yelled out of his window at me when he saw me wearing my light-weight Washington Redskins jacket.

I threw up my arms to signify a touchdown. And why not? We not only beat archenemy, the dreaded Dallas Cowgirls — that is, Cowboys, in Arlington, Texas (aka "Jerryworld"); it was during a nationally televised game.

As a Redskins fan, there's nothing better than beating the Cowboys.

When the overtime victory is on Monday Night Football, that's something special. When you're the massive underdog with only two wins on the season and you snap the Cowboys' six-game winning streak? That's wonderful.

But when the 'Skins come up with a nationally televised victory in Arlington, Texas using a third-string quarterback? Priceless.

With Monday's 20-17 victory, the Redskins won back-to-back games for the first time since the close of the 2012 regular season.

Maybe this also could get another monkey of the Deadskins' back; Monday's game is the first win in the NFC East since December 2012.

Naturally, I'm riding high and basking in the after-glow of the big victory.

Before the game, many of the people on my cops-and-courts beat on the NORWALK REFLECTOR asked me what I thought of the Redskins using third-string QB Colt McCoy. (Talking 'Skins football is a natural thing since I stand out on the streets of Norwalk, Ohio as I wear my maroon-and-gold apparel in good weather and bad, during football season and in the offseason.)

My response about McCoy being the QB? I figured since the much-lauded Kirk Cousins has been ineffective, turned the ball over a lot and hadn't gotten Washington into the win column, it couldn't hurt.

After all, McCoy came into the second half of last week's game to lead the 'Skins to a victory over the Tennessee Titans.

And how 'bout McCoy against the Cowboys?!? He was 25-of-30 for 299 yards for a whopping 83 completion percentage.

Sure, he was sacked three times and threw an ill-advised interception into the end zone in the first half that likely would have changed the momentum of the game.

But don't forget McCoy ran through the Cowboy's defensive line for a 7-yard touchdown. That gutsy TD run — ending with a plunge to break the goal line — put Washington up 17-10 with 13:38 left in the game.

Early in the second quarter, the QB threw one of his prettiest passes — a 49-yard deep ball to wide receiver DeSean Jackson to the Dallas 38.

McCoy "manned up" with THE WASHINGTON POST about his ineffectiveness at the start of the game.

Keenan Robinson sacks Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo
in the second half of Monday's game.
(Roger Steinman/AP)
“I’ll take a ton of the blame early in the game,” he said. “In the second half, we just dug our cleats in and believed in each other, trusted each other and found a way to win."

And that's what matters.

McCoy shared with the Associated Press how he became more comfortable as the game progressed.

"I felt more and more comfortable and I started seeing the defense right. We made some plays down the stretch that good teams have to make to win games," the QB said.

Here's hoping this big win against the Redskins' fiercest NFC East rival means the 'Skins can keep the momentum going and can notch some more wins in the second half of the season.

Who knows if that will happen. Right now, I'm just going to savor this sweet, sweet win!

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