Friday, September 12, 2014

Where are the Batfins, dude?

There's no doubt Batman isn't messing around.

Seriously: Have you seen the Batmobile that  Ben Affleck's Dark Knight will be driving in "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice"? There is being armed to the teeth -- and then there is the new Batmobile.

This one resembles a tank even more than the Batmobile, which was called the Tumbler in Christopher Nolan's "Dark Knight Trilogy."
Director Zack Snyder revealed this photo of the newest Batmobile via his Twitter account Wednesday.
In fact, the "Dawn of Justice" Batmobile looks more than a little bit like the Tumbler on steroids! The body designs are very similar, although the new Batmobile is a bit longer and appears to be much wide than its predecessor. Batman's newest set of wheels has the same type of "cockpit" access we've seen since director Tim Burton's 1989 film.

My Big Question for the Batmobile remains the same: Where are the Batfins, Zack Snyder?

After all, I figured since Snyder had teased us with revealing the back portion of this same Batmobile in mid-May, it seemed like there might be some Batfins on that bad boy. ...

It's the same question I had for Nolan -- not once, but twice. I posted an open letter to Nolan on the print and previous online version of Cary's Comics Craze. The first letter, in which I asked for a slight tweak to the Tumbler, came Sept. 23, 2006 before "The Dark Knight" was released.

The Tumbler from the "Dark Knight Trilogy"
Soon after the first trailer for "The Dark Knight Rises" was released, I had to come to the realization there would "still (be) no Batfins on the Tumbler" as seen in this CCC posting from Dec. 21, 2011. After all, I figured since The Joker had blown the previous version sky high in TDK, there might be a chance for a slight modification to the Tumbler in the next film. Oh well. (Sighs. ...)

I won't bore you with my entire argument about decking out Nolan's Tumbler with some distinctive Batfins, my basic reasoning was this:

"The comic book Batmobile has always screamed, 'Here comes the Dark Knight.' What better way to do that same thing in 'Rises' than with modifying the Tumbler with one subtle, sharp-looking bat-like wing on each of the rear driver’s and passenger’s side corners?"

So I still say: Where are the Batfins, dude?

Not on this Batmobile! Maybe in the next Batman film franchise. …!

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