Thursday, September 4, 2014

What The Rock needs to bring to Black Adam

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is ready to have "some fun" playing the nasty villain Black Adam in the upcoming DC Entertainment film "Shazam."

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson posted this image
on his Facebook page about being cast as Black Adam.
First of all, late last night Johnson posted this message on Facebook: "'Kneel before his feet or get crushed by his boot.' This role has been years in the making. A true honor for me to become my favorite comic anti-hero of all time - BLACK ADAM. Let's have some fun."

As you can tell from this disturbing image to the left, Johnson better be ready to play Black Adam as all kinds of nasty. This is one mean S.O.B. Check out that image — he's trying to break the neck of his heroic doppleganger, Shazam.

Johnson won't have any problems being charismatic. He has more charisma in his left pinky than say, Ed Norton has in his entire being.

(Can you imagine the Rock when he was a Miami Hurricane stud on the football field — where he won the 1991 national championship? Dude smiled — and probably had all kinds of women shedding their clothes — or at least wetting their panties. … Just sayin'!)

Charm and charisma. Check.

Johnson has oozed both in each of his roles, whether it was in the hysterical and incredibly fun and very family-friendly "Tooth Fairy" or as Roadblock in "G.I. Joe: Retaliation." Now he has a bigger challenge: Being a big nasty. Emphasis on nasty.

Johnson is going to have to shed his fun-to-be-around image to be Black Adam. There's no smiling when it comes to Black Adam, one of DC's most vile villains.

The Rock must channel all the rage and intensity he used as a college football stand-out and professional wrestler to get this role right. He's going to have to be intense — I mean Heath-Ledger-as-The-Joker intense.

Black Adam is pretty much the complete opposite of what Johnson seems to be like in real life and his media interviews. The Rock is a fun-lovin' guy. Black Adam is the embodiment of hate, bad attitude, wrongful entitlement and self-righteous indignation. As a villain, he is right up there with The Joker when it comes to having serious psychological issues and being a whack job.

Johnson seems to be the kind of celebrity who would give me a "bro hug" and a good-natured clap on the shoulder after an interview. (One that would nearly knock me over, but I digress. ...!) The only kind of hug Black Adam would be interested in delivering is one that would crush your ribs — and likely kill you — and have you screaming for mercy that would never come.

For the record, I'm not saying Johnson can't deliver this type of performance. It's just the kind of role we haven't seen from him before. EVER. Being as black-hearted as Black Adam — without of course going over the top and tip into heavy-handed cheesiness — will be a challenge for the big guy.

Johnson will have to subdue his golden-boy personality and transform (with one magic word, "Shazam!") into a nasty boy. And I can't wait! Can you?

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